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Alpine gives a new fund to Alonso and Ferrari another headrest to Sainz

Many have been the teams that have opted for the 2022 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix to introduce the first improvements of the season, some more important and others less. On this occasion, we analyze those that affect Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz.

New floor for the Alpine A522 of Fernando Alonso in Imola

Despite the fact that Esteban Ocon has been the driver who has scored the most points so far for Alpine, the French team made the decision to give Fernando Alonso the new floor of the A522.

This new bottom is almost identical to the one used by both drivers at the Australian GP, but has been slightly modified to reduce weight with the aim of bringing the car as close as possible to the minimum limit of 798kg.

Alpine incorporated into its new floor the two straps that the FIA granted to the teams to harden the funds and thus avoid porposing : Pat Fry had complained in recent races, alleging that the International Federation had favored some rival teams (particularly he was referring to Mercedes and Ferrari), as the A522 from the start used a surface that was particularly stiffer and heavier in order to comply with the regulations.

New headrest for Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari F1-75 in Emilia Romagna

Since pre-season, the Ferrari F1-75 has been one of the cars most affected by this phenomenon when they reach the end of the straights at high speed, but at the same time, it seems to be one of the least affected by the negative effect of this porpoise in terms of performance.

While waiting for the Maranello engineers to modify the bottom of the F1-75 to mitigate the annoying jumps, Carlos Sainz thought the best thing was to equip himself with a new micro headrest to lean on when the jumps up and down become very annoying, with the aim of unloading part of the tensions to which the pilot’s neck is subjected.

This is not a very important update, but if Mohammed does not go to the mountain, it is the mountain that goes to Mohammed: the Spanish driver has looked for an improvised solution to reduce the inconvenience of porpoising , so that could help the Madrid driver to feel more comfortable behind the wheel of your car and, therefore, improve your performance on the track.

Carlos Sainz Jr, detalle del reposacabezas del Ferrari F1-75

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