SportF1Alpine's solution to F1 grid penalties

Alpine's solution to F1 grid penalties

The fans and also the teams were very confused for almost four hours after qualifying for the 2022 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix as no one knew how the starting grid penalties would be applied.

The uncertainty about the grid and the time it took to confirm it, made many experts ask for a change in the system so that it is more in line with a category that is at the forefront in terms of technology.

Alan Permane , who has been in Formula 1 for decades and now works at Alpine, believes an obvious solution would be to create a computer program that could calculate penalties at the very moment the cars cross the finish line.

He considers that, although some fully understand the grid penalties and how they are applied, clarifying things especially looking for the good of the fans would help everyone.

“We have clear guidelines from 2020, and I think the grid was made exactly as stated in that guideline,” Permane explained.

“That guideline was worked out between F1 and the FIA , and has been applied consistently ever since. So I don’t think there will be any surprises.”

“But I agree that almost four hours is too long to wait for the grid. I think it would be relatively easy for them to post it when the last car crosses the line, on the condition that it could change after scrutineering or whatever.” .

“They could include all known penalties in one system, and it would be better for everyone,” he added.

Fans look on as the grid launches for the start

The way the FIA processes official documents during a grand prix weekend is laid out in the sporting regulations, and the only rule in this regard is that a provisional grid has to be published a minimum of four hours before the formation lap.

Any modification of those procedures might necessitate a rulebook change, but it would be something that probably wouldn’t get much resistance from teams.

Asked by if it would be easy to create a computer program that would order grid penalties instantly, Permane said: “I imagine so, but I’m not an expert!”

“I don’t really know why they took so long [in Monza]. I guess they double-triple checked everything.

“They’re supposed to have a grid posted four hours before the start of the race, so whatever we manage to get on Saturday night is a bonus, and that’s why they always post a provisional grid.

“I understand that for you [the media], it’s important, and it’s also important for us when we start working on our strategies and things like that,” he concluded.

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