FunAmazon Prime Day 2021: dates, when it is, offers...

Amazon Prime Day 2021: dates, when it is, offers and how to get the best discounts

Amazon Prime Day 2021 is one of those days dreamed of by many. For some time there had been speculating about its date and finally Jeff Bezos’ company has announced when the Amazon Prime Day 2021 will be: the most anticipated event by Amazon followers will take place on June 21 and 22, so no longer nothing is left for customers to enjoy 48 hours of great discounts and offers.

It is an exclusive event for Amazon Prime customers , as its name suggests. The advantages of subscribing to this service are many, and now is a great opportunity to do so: shipping in 24 hours, access to the Prime Video and Prime Music platforms, three free months of Kindle Unlimited …

Dates of Amazon Prime Day 2021

In 2020, Amazon Prime Day was to be celebrated in July, but the Covid-19 pandemic forced the event to be delayed until October. This year, instead, the company has advanced the film and, in addition, instead of lasting only one day, it will last two, as in 2019 and 2020.

For all of us to be clear, Amazon Prime Day 2021 will begin on Monday, June 21 at 00:00 hours and will end on Tuesday, June 22 at 23:59 hours.

We will have to be very attentive to the offers because the event will be held simultaneously in many countries around the world , so surely there are many products, especially electronic devices, that will be finished in a matter of seconds: Germany, Austria, Japan, United Kingdom, Mexico, Singapore, Turkey, Italy, France, United Arab Emirates, China, United States, Brazil …

What kind of offers will there be?

Although there are a few days left for the appointment, for the moment Amazon has not commented on what type of offers it will launch. Most likely, there are very aggressive discounts on your Echo, Kindle, and FireTV devices , as well as on technology, computing, and electronics.

As usual, Amazon will not put all the offers at once, but will launch them little by little in different formats to generate the maximum possible interest: limited stock, flash offers …

Therefore, if we want to get hold of a specific product, the ideal is that on June 21 and 22 we check the Amazon website every hour or every two hours. We cannot spend the day in front of the computer, so the best thing is that we download the official Amazon app, which works wonderfully, and during Prime Day we are very attentive to new offers.

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