FunAmazon seeks military personnel in Spain and offers salaries...

Amazon seeks military personnel in Spain and offers salaries of up to 200,000 euros

Amazon is one of the largest companies globally, and currently has 1.3 million employees globally. Now Amazon is looking for military personnel in Spain to become part of the ‘Military Haring’ program, which has been underway in the United States since 2017. The company’s goal is to create positive synergies between senior managers and former soldiers to carry out engineering advisory services and promote logistics deployment. Amazon’s own website explains very well the reason why it is now looking for Spanish soldiers who seek to change their professional career. The company says it has used veterans and military spouses for years to drive innovation and improve the customer experience. Thanks to their skills, knowledge and leadership principles in a wide range of fields of action, it is possible to build the future with an innovative service, product and ideas.This program was launched in the United States in 2017, and the military with training and experience in the logistics sector are the most sought after, with salaries that can reach 200,000 euros per year. Amazon also admits spouses of retired military personnel or those who died in combat. Jeff Bezos’s company explains that they actively seek leaders who have initiative, can invent, think big and offer good results in relation to the customer experience. Both men and women who have served the country in the armed forces are very familiar with these principles, and consider that their experience in the leadership of people and teams is indispensable. The salary that Amazon offers to the military in Spain is very high .On the company’s website you can see the different offers that are available for engineers with military experience or logistics specialists, and salaries range from 50,000 to 200,000 euros per year.Jesús Leal, Lieutenant Colonel of the Army Logistics Brigade de Tierra, in statements to Nius, points out that many of these job offers reach the military who are about 40 years old, when they are about to finish their career in the Army or their departure is not penalized because they have turned 10 years of compulsory stay after leaving the military academy.

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