NewsAmira Pocher speaks about the flood damage

Amira Pocher speaks about the flood damage

Destroyed furniture, wet walls, mud: “It was an absolute disaster,” says Amira Pocher. But in times of need the Pochers could rely on a friend.

Berlin / Cologne – TV comedian Oliver Pocher and his wife Amira spoke openly for the first time about how their house was flooded during the flood disaster in West Germany in July.

“To be honest, we didn’t want to make a big noise about it because we are well insured and no one was injured. But let’s talk openly: It was an absolute catastrophe, ”wrote Amira Pocher during a question and answer session on Instagram.

“At a certain point it was no longer possible to fight the water and it streamed down to the ground floor. Then I just packed my children and a few clothes and walked barefoot down the street to save us to the hotel. ”Next to the words, the podcaster posted pictures showing destroyed furniture, wet walls and mud.

The family is currently living with Pietro Lombardi. The singer left his 400 square meter house in Cologne to the Pochers after the flood disaster. “He really helped us in an absolute emergency,” said Oliver Pocher the TV broadcaster RTL.

After Lombardi announced that he would be temporarily staying in a hotel, the story came out. “Of course they could have gone to a hotel. But: who wants to live in a hotel for months? It’s torture, the kids break down. So I told him: Here’s my key, ”said the Pocher’s friend on Instagram. dpa

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