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An updated floor, the hope of Ferrari F1 for Singapore

The two-week break without Formula 1 due to the cancellation of the 2022 Russian GP has come in handy for Ferrari. The Prancing Horse team has had time to calmly analyze the data collected in Monza, drawing useful conclusions for the development of the F1-75 for the final part of this season.

The Scuderia was defeated at home by Max Verstappen’s Red Bull, but the Maranello team took pride in not disappointing the crowd of fans who stormed Monza with a new all-time attendance record.

Charles Leclerc’s pole position and the Monegasque’s second place in the race have revived some hopes that the red team’s car can once again be the protagonist before the end of the season, achieving at least one new victory to break the RB18’s streak.

Ferrari F1-75, dettaglio dell'ala posteriore da alto carico

The telemetry analysis has given unexpected results: Carlos Sainz carried out a comparative test during FP1 of the Italian GP and found no great differences in performance between the newest floor (installed in France) and the oldest, on a track like Monza, that seeks aerodynamic efficiency more than load, something that has caused the Maranello engineers to focus 100% on the updated bottom, leaving the old one at home.

The choice was the right one, but there is nothing to guarantee that it will be in Singapore, where it will be essential to calibrate an F1-75 with maximum downforce, dusting off the wings seen at the Monaco GP. Marina Bay, in fact, is a street circuit where it will be essential to exploit one of the strengths of the 2022 Ferrari, traction .

As we had anticipated at, Ferrari will bring a package of updates to the next Asian round: the main change will have to do with the background, which has been modified in some aspects.

Some changes are expected in the famous Venturi tunnel, in the direction of the concepts introduced by Red Bull to reduce aerodynamic resistance when seeking maximum speeds, an aspect that until now has penalized those in red, worsening the characteristics of a single-seater which had been very competitive in the first part of the championship.

To extract the maximum potential from these cars, each team must manage the tires like a charm. The F1-75 started the season being the car that took the most care of them, but was overtaken by Red Bull and some other team from the Hungarian GP.

On a dry lap, Ferrari proved to be very fast (10 pole positions: 8 for Leclerc and 2 for Sainz), but in the race tire wear, regardless of the compound, was clearly higher than that of its direct rivals.

Carlos Sainz, Ferrari

The introduction of the TD39 could have affected the balance of the red car, but they do not deny it and the Maranello engineers looked for answers to the unexpected failure in Hungary, where Ferrari hoped to get a double and ended up killing their hopes of winning a title this season despite your good start to the course.

A new sponsor gives Ferrari F1 a luxury opportunity

As far as we know, Carlos Sainz rolled in Fiorano this Tuesday, in a session of only 15 km , with the Ferrari team claiming that he needed to ride on the track due to the imminent arrival of a new sponsor that will be announced shortly.

Despite the lack of kilometres, the Italian engineers were able to collect data to verify the correlation between the wind tunnel and the simulation systems with the maximum downforce package specially designed for the Singapore event. After these results, which are understood to have been quite positive, Ferrari will therefore return to the track at Marina Bay with the ambition of returning to the top of the podium, something they have not achieved since the Austrian GP.

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