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Analysis: who will go better between Ferrari and Red Bull in Miami?

Formula 1’s visit to Miami for the first time represents a unique opportunity for the category to expand its fame throughout the United States, and winning here could be very beneficial for the future, since millions of fans could become followers of a team. or other.

For this reason, the great favorites for this year 2022, Ferrari and Red Bull, will fight to inaugurate the history of this route in the state of Florida, although we must not lose sight of Mercedes, who assures that they have found “several directions” in the development of its W13, in addition to modifying its front spoiler and lowering its weight.

The curious design of this track in the surroundings of the Hard Rock Stadium means that the two teams that lead the classification are running as serious candidates to occupy the positions of honor on the podium at the end of Sunday.

That is why it is interesting to know what could be the keys that would benefit those from Maranello or those from Milton Keynes. All or nothing, they have to think about in the garages of these teams, although the various overtaking opportunities can make for an exciting race.

After seeing the development of the first four events of the world championship, it is logical to think that the options are the same for the Italians and the Austrians, and on paper it should be so, since the combination of long straights with DRS zones and twisty curves They should balance the forces.

The red car is very fast at the exit of the tight turns due to its great traction , but the lack of top speed and the incredible figures that the RB18 marks when going flat out could be the elements that define the outcome of the test.

The first sector of the Miami track should benefit the characteristics of the F1-75 , as it includes high downforce corners, where the fluidity of the car and the driver’s hands are more important than the power unit.

However, once you reach turn 8, right where the false port with the yachts is located, Red Bull will enjoy a long straight where Honda will shine, and where it is possible to overtake Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in case they advance in the classification, as happened in Imola.

In the braking of the 11 you will be able to see a lot of action, not only between Ferrari and Red Bull, although it is expected that those from Maranello set the best times in the gradient changes until the second stage where it is possible to activate the DRS.

This is all to get to the finish line, but there are more keys, not just traction or engine power, as the form of the drivers will dictate who wins on American soil.

Max Verstappen arrives with sky-high confidence after achieving the second Grand Chelem of his career, while the current leader of the championship, Charles Leclerc, faces the fifth round of 2022 with the doubts that caused his spin in the last race.

On the other hand, Sergio Pérez lands to claim his role as squire and become a serious candidate for the title after seeing that he can beat his rivals by pace, something that was not seen in last season.

Although if we talk about someone who wants to turn the page and recover the level it is Sainz, that his two consecutive retirements for getting stuck in the gravel of Australia and Imola made the Madrid native frustrated. The man from Ferrari wants to make up for it, and what better way to do it than in the event prior to the Spanish Grand Prix, where he will feel the warmth of the local fans, which can get him hooked on the fight for the title again.

In Miami there will be no conditions on the weather, since everything indicates that we will see sun and warm temperatures all weekend, and there will be no need to lend to the sprint race, since the standard format is recovered after the Emilia Grand Prix Romagna.

It only remains to find out which team will do better in this new place where Formula 1 debuts, but what is certain is that no one will be overwhelmingly dominated by the configuration of the track, by varied curves and long straights with DRS.

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