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As an actress, Maggie Gyllenhaal keeps ideas to herself

The 44-year-old would do some things differently when it comes to film. But she is silent because she has found that it does not go down well.

Los Angeles – Maggie Gyllenhaal has the impression that as an actress she is rarely valued for her ideas.

"They say they do, but people are irritated by actresses with lots of ideas," the 44-year-old told the New York Times (Wednesday). "I'm not an idiot, so I usually keep them to myself."

Gyllenhaal has had roles in films like "The Dark Knight" and "Stranger Than Fiction". She first worked as a director on the psychodrama "Woman in the Dark". The film adaptation of the novel of the same name by the Italian author Elena Ferrante with leading actress Olivia Colman won four Gotham Awards in November. dpa

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