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Aston Martin, close to an agreement with the FIA for the cost limit

The team was included in a list made up of Red Bull and Williams in which they did not comply with the financial regulations of the past 2021 season . However, while the Austrians would have overspent and made procedural errors, Aston Martin and the Grove would have done so in a less serious way.

In the case of Williams, it was a delay in the presentation of external accounting documents, which was resolved with a fine of 25,000 dollars [25,300 euros at current exchange rates] at the beginning of the year. On the other hand, those at Silverstone have been negotiating with the federation for some time, and the governing body’s ruling is likely to be known this week.

An ABA means the team admits it was wrong and formally accepts any penalties applied by the federation, and Aston Martin boss Mike Krack said they were “in discussion with the FIA” when asked about the situation by

“I think it will be something that we will try to finalize in the next couple of days, so we talked to them over the weekend. I’m pretty sure we’ll figure it out soon,” he said after the US race.

The England boss played down any suggestion that there was any frustration over the accusations leveled at his team: “I think it’s complex, it’s a complicated rule.”

“It’s not frustrating, it shows us that we have to do a better job in the future so that we don’t have those problems, but at the end of the day, I think the most important thing is that we were under the limit, and the rest was for procedure,” he explained.

Apparently, Aston Martin’s failure was related to UK taxation, which was interpreted in different ways by the group and the FIA , but Krack would not say anything about it.

“I would prefer that we had a signed agreement before getting into the matter,” he said. “There will also be a press release from the FIA, which will then be agreed with us, so we will have more details in the next few days.”

The team’s chief executive said he did not know when the news might break, but indicated that Aston Martin’s result will not necessarily have to wait for Red Bull’s. Talks between the Milton Keynes team and the body came to a standstill after learning of the death of its founder, Dietrich Mateschitz .

“I understood from reading that they were postponed because of Dietrich Mateschitz,” Krack said. “It’s actually two separate things, which I wouldn’t mind if we get ours done ASAP, and besides, it’s a different situation, we’re not spending more.”

“It also depends on the FIA, and now we have people traveling, but I think we’ve made a couple of steps forward this weekend. So I think we’re not far off, but I can’t say if it’s tomorrow, Wednesday or whenever. “, Sentenced the boss of Aston Martin.

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