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Aston Martin is 'very similar' to Red Bull's early days in F1

Dan Fallows left his position as head of aerodynamics at Red Bull last year in search of a new challenge, which he found at Aston Martin, a team that in recent months has hired a large number of personnel for the Canadian billionaire’s project. Lawrence Stroll.

The objective is to turn the Silverstone team into one of the best teams in about five years, and signing the two-time world champion Fernando Alonso for 2023 is a declaration of intent. On the other hand, they are building a new factory as part of a large investment in their facilities to reach the highest level.

Fallows enjoyed one of Red Bull’s finest moments, being part of the team for some of its wins, and said he saw some similarities between the team’s early days in energy drinks and what Aston Martin is now building.

“One of the most exciting parts of the Red Bull run was when the team started to evolve from Jaguar,” Fallows said in an interview on the Aston Martin website.

“It was a small team with a very limited budget and suddenly it had a lot more money, more resources and more technical potential.”

“Watching the team grow, being a part of that growth, being a part of the success, even making mistakes along the way and learning from them, was incredibly exciting.”

What is happening at Aston Martin now is very similar to what happened at Red Bull .”

The departure of Fallows from Red Bull to sign for Aston Martin came to court, after Red Bull alleged that the technician had to comply with the six-month period called ‘ gardening leave’, which does not allow a worker to change from one team to another.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes AMG F1, Dan Fallows, Red Bull Racing Head of Aerodynamics, race winner Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing and Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull Racing celebrate on the podium

But they finally reached an agreement so that Fallows could join Aston Martin in April of this year. And the coach admitted that he was “embarrassed” to see his name in the headlines.

Fallows explained that his decision to leave Red Bull was driven by his desire to pursue a new challenge with Aston Martin and be part of a growing team.

“The most rewarding moments in my career have been when I’ve been presented with a challenge and overcome it,” Fallows said.

“But it’s not just the challenge, it’s the opportunity to be part of something that goes from modest to spectacular. There is a lot of ambition at Aston Martin, from Lawrence Stroll to the rest of the team.”

“So to be asked to join the team and given the resources that I now have, it’s incredibly exciting, it really is when somebody puts that level of trust in you, when they say, ‘here’s a Formula 1 team, make it what it is. you want, recruit the people you want, run it how you want, make it rise to the top and make your mark.

“I accepted the challenge because I believed things could be done differently. It’s not about doing things the Red Bull way, or the Mercedes way, or the Ferrari way. It’s about coming up with a new and better way: the Aston Martin way. “.

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