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Aston Martin promises to have its new F1 factory ready in 2023

The Aston Martin team confirmed the surprising signing of Fernando Alonso so that the man from Oviedo would join the project from the 2023 Formula 1 season , and since then, all fans and members of the paddock have asked themselves the same question.

Will the Spaniard win again in the highest category of motorsport? Most likely not, that the two-time world champion continues with only two Grand Circus titles, but if he has made this move towards a new team it is not to settle for finishing races or getting into the points.

As the director of the Silverstone team, Mike Krack , acknowledged, the aspirations are to win in the future with the development of the team thanks to the experience of Fernando Alonso. However, what the Asturian can contribute will not be enough to create a single-seater capable of rivaling those who dominate in Formula 1.

To have a really fast car it is necessary to invest in a factory, and that is something that Aston Martin has been doing for several campaigns. When the team boss was asked when the venue would be up and running to try and make a car that is in the top positions, Krack answered questions.

“Building One, which will house our design, manufacturing and marketing resources, will be completed in the first quarter of next year,” explained the Luxembourger. “In the meantime, work has already begun on Building Three, which is where our wind tunnel will be.”

“The new wind tunnel and the simulator will be ready in 2024,” acknowledged the head of Aston Martin. “As soon as we move into Building One, our current factory will be torn down and replaced with Building Two, which will house our simulator, staff facilities and logistics center.”

“Having all team members work on the same campus will change the team dynamic,” continued Mike Krack. “People will feel better integrated, they will be able to have face-to-face conversations more easily, and the space will be much more open, which will encourage interaction and dialogue. It is about facilitating collaboration and teamwork.”

It seems that the English team already has the pieces of the puzzle , but they need to fit them in order to go from the bottom of the grid, as is currently the case, to being the favorites in a category as complex as Formula 1.

“Going forward, I see Aston Martin as a team where success is the norm, a team that is not surprised by being on the podium or winning races,” said the British team principal. “We have to get to a point where we consistently deliver great results on track, but also believe in our ability to do so.”

“We’re talking about building a winning culture, and that takes time,” he explained. “First we need to develop a faster car, our journey has only just begun, and we will have many challenges, but Aston Martin’s fighting spirit is second to none, born from the passion of our people.”

“It is a team that I am incredibly proud to be part of, and I am very excited about what the future holds,” said Mike Krack, who will work hand in hand from next season with Fernando Alonso.

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