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At what time and how to see the classification of the 2022 Argentine GP

The Argentine Grand Prix did not start as expected in the MotoGP paddock. A delay in the plane that carried the necessary material to start the third round of the season caused some pilots and teams in the championship to be affected by not being able to organize their garages and test their prototypes for race Sunday.

Due to the unpredictable delay of the materials -essential when creating a MotoGP box- the championship organizer decided to suspend the activity on Friday.

In this way, the Argentine Grand Prix significantly modified its schedules, having only two days of action on the track.

This new two-day format has compressed free practice and introduced a new schedule where FP1, FP2 and the qualifying session will take place on Saturday April 2, while the MotoGP race will start at 8:00 p.m. Spanish time on Sunday. .

This means that the combination of FP1 and FP2 will be used to determine which drivers will automatically advance to Q2, with FP4 and FP3 ruled out entirely.

Schedule of the MotoGP classification at the 2022 Argentine GP (Spain)

Day Event Hour
Saturday April 2:

MotoGP FP1

Saturday April 2:

MotoGP FP2

Saturday April 2: MotoGP Q1 22:05-22:20
Saturday April 2: MotoGP Q2 22:30-22:45

Schedule of the Moto2 and Moto3 classification at the 2022 Argentine GP (Spain)

Day Event Moto3 Moto2
Saturday April 2 FP1 13:15-14:05 14:20-15:10
Saturday April 2 FP2 15:25-16:15 16:30-17:20
Saturday April 2 Q1 18:50-19:05 19:45-20:00

Saturday April 2

Q2 19:15-19:30 20:10-2025

How and where to see the MotoGP classification of the 2022 Argentine GP

If you don’t want to miss a single detail of the MotoGP Argentine Grand Prix, here are the available routes. However, we have to warn you that all of them are paid, so if you receive a free link to consume the content, we are obliged to warn you that it is illegal.

The first option is DAZN. The platform has had MotoGP rights since 2018 and its subscription includes a free trial month at a price of €12.99 per month (or €129.99 per year). Another way is the Movistar + engine package.

The third alternative is the Videopass from the official page of the championship. Through it you can enjoy the timing of the Argentine Grand Prix, as well as news and exclusive information from the weekend. However, you should know that its content will be entirely in English and that it has a price of €139.99 per year.

However, if you want to enjoy free information, from we will keep you up to date with all the news from the Argentine Grand Prix through chronicles, statements and images of your favorite drivers and teams. You can enjoy all this through our social networks and the application, available for iOS and Android for free, available in the lower banner .

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