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Atari to build a video game-themed hotel

Known for historical video games such as Pong (1972), Asteroids (1979), Centipede (1981), and RollerCoaster Tycoon (1999), or machines like the Atari 2600 console or the Atari ST computer, the iconic company is taking its business to a new address: hotels.

Where does this initiative come from?

It is clear that the rise of electronic sports and the advancement of consoles and video games in general at the technological level, have promoted this initiative that hopes to be well received by the gaming community.

“Our hope is that you go in and never want to leave because there is a lot of interaction,” said one of the company’s executives, which has little to do with the mythical Atari founded by Nolan Bushnell back in 1972. The company has gone through great potholes but Apparently, despite the bankruptcy and its multiple problems to get a last retro console (the Atari VCS, with 4K and HDR output), there do not seem to be any investment drawbacks for this great project.

What will the video game theme hotel be like?

The company promises a lodging experience that combines a unique video game themed destination with immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences, studios for broadcasting games and areas for electronic sporting events. It is possible that we find corners of all kinds, including retro rooms or even inspired by Ernest Cline’s hit science fiction novel, Ready Player One (which we could also enjoy on the big screen).

Atari will open eight themed hotels in the United States. The first, in Phoenix, Arizona, will begin construction in early fall and should be completed in about two years. The following will be in: Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco and San José, each more spectacular. Depending on the market and region, hotels will vary in size.

Will it be very expensive to stay?

As reported by Atari, Atari hotels would be affordable, but will have some premium options for those who want to host private parties. Both the GSD Group and Napoleon Smith III, executive producer of the recent “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” films, will lead the development and design of the hotels, according to the Atari statement.

Mix of nostalgia and modernity

GSD Group founder Shelly Murphy said she hoped hotels would appeal to both those looking to fill a nostalgic space and those competing in the hottest esports world.

Will the retro Atari VCS console that will have its own operating system called ‘Atari OS’ be released in these Atari Hotels? In a few months we will know.

Ready to enjoy a new hotel concept? The hotel chains for gamers arrive.

It’s not the only one

In 2018, the E-Sports Stadium Arlington, the largest esports facility in North America, opened in Arlington, Texas. It is a complex of more than 9,000 square meters with capacity for 3,500 people, with a transmission studio and a gigantic LED screen almost 26 meters long.

Video games are in fashion and spaces like these will soon multiply across the globe.

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