LivingBabies born with teeth: curious natal and neonatal teeth

Babies born with teeth: curious natal and neonatal teeth

It is not usual, it occurs in one in every 3,000 births, but there are babies who are born with teeth . In reality, all are born with tooth buds, but they still do not show through the gum until about six months after delivery.

However, there are babies who are born with part or all of the tooth that has erupted before the normal time. They are called natal teeth and those that come out within the first month of life are called neonatal teeth .

There is no mathematical rule for the age at which the teeth come in, but in most babies the first tooth appears between six and eight months, although it is also normal for them to appear earlier or well after.

Natal teeth are more common in girls than in boys, and are generally the lower central incisors. One or both can come out at the same time. Although its prevalence is low, it is more common to see natal teeth than neonatal teeth.

Why are babies born with teeth?

The baby’s teeth begin to form in the womb. Within a few weeks of pregnancy, the basic substance of baby teeth is formed and later, around 3 or 4 months of gestation, the hard tissue that surrounds the teeth begins to form.

Normally, teeth have just formed and begin to erupt throughout the first year of life, however a superficial positioning of the developing tooth germ can cause the first or first teeth to appear prematurely.

The appearance of natal and neonatal teeth is usually associated with hereditary factors, but they can also appear without a history. They were linked to a lack of vitamins in the mother, febrile states and other disorders, but a cause-effect has not been established with any of them.

In some children, the natal or neonatal teeth can be a localized manifestation of a syndrome, abnormalities such as a cleft lip or palate, or environmental factors, that is why these children must be followed closely by a doctor.

Appearance and complications of natal and neonatal teeth

Natal teeth are teeth that have erupted prematurely, so they may not have the appearance of a normal tooth, or they may have it but have not fully developed the root.

As the root structure is not fully developed, the teeth are not well fixed to the gum, which is why they frequently move .

When the degree of mobility is important, the possibility of extracting the tooth is considered due to the risk that the baby could aspirate it, although no cases of this type have been recorded.

Natal and neonatal teeth should not be extracted unless they are markedly immature and mobile.

Natal teeth can cause ulcerations on the baby’s tongue when sucking, causing him to reject the mother’s breast. The ulceration of the mother’s nipples is more a myth than a reality, since when breastfeeding the baby places his tongue around the nipple so that the teeth do not come into contact.

In most cases, nothing should be done when the child is born with teeth, except that it could cause feeding problems or cause injuries to the mouth.

Children who are born with teeth tend to have a tendency for their baby teeth to erupt earlier and also begin to change their teeth earlier than normal.

Myths and beliefs about babies born with teeth

In ancient times they were attributed different social meanings. Children born with teeth were believed to be favored by God or to be magicians. On the contrary, in countries like Indonesia, Poland or China, they were considered monstrous children or marked by misfortunes.

Famous people such as Louis XIV, Richard III, Napoleon, Cardinal Mazarin, Haannibal, and Cardinal Richelieu are said to have been born with teeth.

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