SportMotoGPBagnaia recognizes that he deserves the sanction: "I agree"

Bagnaia recognizes that he deserves the sanction: "I agree"

Pecco Bagnaia has not started his home Grand Prix on the right foot. The local driver had an incident with Alex Márquez in the final stages of FP1, when he slowed down at the first chicane and hindered the Spanish driver’s lap.

The youngest of the Márquez brothers did not hesitate to reproach him for the action, and Pecco accepted his mistake and immediately apologized. However, apologies do not correct the facts, and Bagnaia was sanctioned by the stewards panel to lose three positions on the starting grid on Sunday.

The Ducati man does not hide that it is a deserved sanction, and says he “totally agrees” with the punishment. ” I made a mistake; I thought that [FP1] was already over, that they had already brought out the checkered flag, but it wasn’t like that. So I made a mistake. I already apologized to the stewards and told them that I agreed, that It was the right thing”.

However, the winner of the last three grand prizes did not fully understand the type of sanction that was applied to him. “I asked them why the penalty was three places on the grid and not a long lap , and they explained to me that it is because it is the first time I have done something like this. The first time you have a warning, which are the three positions that I am going to lose , and the second you already have a long lap , “he explained.

Your fear of receiving a long lap is well founded. And it is that, depending on the circuit, more or less time is lost. ” At Silverstone you don’t [lose much time], but here you do,” said Bagnaia.

“I think it is something that we will have to discuss, but we have already commented on it in the safety commission that the long laps have to be the same in all the circuits,” he added. “But it’s impossible to do, because Silverstone doesn’t have that many run-offs. It’s going to be very difficult to lose the same time at all the circuits. But we’re working on it.”

But the first day of the San Marino Grand Prix still had a new disappointment for the third-placed overall. In the second free practice session, Pecco suffered a crash, for which he takes full blame.

“Luca Marini was ahead of me, and I was much faster than him. So I tried to overtake him on the inside, but I stepped on the white line and went down. That was also my mistake,” he admits.

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