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Become an insect with 'Metamorphosis'

We finally have official confirmation that the Metamorphosis game will also be available for the Nintendo Switch console.

Inspired by the homonymous work of the writer Franz Kafka published in 1915, this game invites us to embark on an adventure that will alter our body and transform us into an insect.

Although the exact launch date and price of the game is unknown -for the moment-, the premises are more than intriguing:

You wake up one morning to find that you have transformed into a small insect. This is quite inconvenient, since his friend Joseph is being arrested for unknown reasons and he cannot recognize it like that. To save his friend Joseph and find the answers he seeks, he must embark on a dangerous journey through a strange world that, like you, has become twisted and unknown. What once seemed like mundane dwellings has turned into an expansive obstacle course, and you’ll have to jump, climb, and work your way through the dirty nooks and crannies that exist within the cracks of civilization. The game offers an extraordinary adventure through surreal landscapes. Use your wits to unravel the truth and get back to the life you once knew. “

With this interesting introduction we are presented with ‘Metamorphosis’. Developed by the Warsaw-based independent firm, Ovid Works, the video game “combines Portal-style first-person cross puzzles with existential philosophical reflections from early 20th century literature,” explains Jacek Debowski, President of Ovid Works. . “It really is unlike any other game!”

Main Features

  • An insect’s first-person perspective makes you see the world from a new angle.

  • Challenging stage puzzles that make you search for clues, create detours, and overcome obstacles.

  • Rewarding exploration with unique movement mechanisms that make full use of your little body and sticky limbs.

  • A surreal story that players can influence, inspired by the curious imagination of Franz Kafka.

  • Eccentric and colorful characters that span the world of humans and insects.

  • A hand-drawn world that adds a layer of fantasy to even the most gritty environments.

Video games based on books

Literature is a fantastic source of inspiration for the world of videogames and, for some time now, we are seeing how more and more developers are inclined to transfer the adventures and misadventures of paper to digital format.

As in this case with Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” , other great examples are: Ubisoft’s ‘Assassin’s Creed’ (which sells millions of copies every time it releases a part of the saga), which is based on the novel “Alamut ”By Vladimir Bartol; ‘Dracula Resurrection’ by Index +, 4X Technologies and Visual Impact, based on the famous novel by Bram Stoker, “Dracula” ; ‘The Da Vinci Code’, developed by The Collective, Inc. and based on the novel of the same name by bestselling writer Dan Brown or ‘Metro 2033’ , developed by 4A Games, based on the novel of the same name by Russian writer and journalist Dmitri Glukhovsky.

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