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Benefits of taking the dog to work


The presence of domestic animals, the dog more specifically, is increasingly part of schools, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons… and workplaces.

There are not a few companies from various fields that consider coexistence with their employees’ dogs to be positive, both for those who live with their animal and for those who have never considered it.

We will try to see what are the main benefits that the presence of non-rationals, life partners of rational people, can provide in their workplaces, but as a brushstroke we will say that there is a broad consensus that among the most obvious contributions for humans are the reduced anxiety and increased well-being .

Each company is free to apply the regulations it deems most appropriate, depending on the type of work function, the facilities… but what is practically common in all those that decide to apply it, is the following:

  • No worker should feel obligated to this presence of animals, so the implementation of the action must be with the full acceptance of all workers.
  • The owners will always be responsible for each and every one of the actions of the animal in the work environment.
  • The owners must provide the animal with fresh and clean water at all times, as well as food when necessary.
  • The animals must be in a perfect state of hygiene , up to date with their vaccinations and deworming, both external and internal, and they must enjoy a sanitary state absent of any type of pathology.
  • The owner must ensure the rest of the companions the appropriate behavior of the animal, avoiding inconveniences such as interference in the work spaces and annoying sounds (barking…)

Once the premises have been clarified, let us focus on the benefits of coexistence in the work environment:

  1. stress reduction
    There are countless studies that certify the benefits that a dog provides with its mere presence in all kinds of environments, and within all these studies, the vast majority, almost all, indicate that one of the most present, most accepted benefits and enjoyed, is the reduction of human stress by the mere presence of the non-rational.
    It is evident that the most favored by this stress reduction, and therefore, an increase in well-being, is the human who shares his daily life with the dog, but the benefit of stress reduction reaches fully and satisfactorily the rest of the human companions. 
  1. Productivity increase
    It is evident that the reduction of stress mentioned above is a direct cause of human well-being, and, therefore, of their greater capacity to carry out the work entrusted to them.
    Apart from the direct reduction of stress, the presence of the animal forces the realization of small stops, short breaks in the work activity to provide the non-rational with its food, its drink, its walks and its elimination of droppings.
    In these periods the human rests, relaxes, shares with his good friend, disconnects, and returns with more positive energy to the performance of his activity.
    And not only these moments of “forced” rest to supply the dog’s needs result in an increase in productivity: it has been shown that these short periods that the human dedicates to the animal to satisfy its needs provoke in the rational a greater creativity and a gratifying personal satisfaction, a decrease in fatigue (visual, muscular…), an improvement in concentration and an increase in performance.
  1. Better comunication
    The presence of an animal, a dog in this case, in any situation causes an immediate facilitation in the relationships of the humans who share its presence. The fact that a canid is among humans systematically causes a “social enzyme” effect, an ability to promote interactions, conversations and the breaking down of barriers between humans. It has been shown that it not only improves communication, but at work one of the greatest benefits that the presence of the dog brings in this sense is an evident and quantifiable increase in cooperation between workers.
  1. better concentration
    One of the biggest problems reported by people who live with a dog and who have to spend the entire working day apart, is the concern caused by thinking about all the time the animal spends without our company, in a loneliness that becomes difficult to assimilate by many humans.
    The presence of a faithful friend in the work environment allows for the tranquility of the human being, the non-speculation of the possible and negative events that can take place at home for so many hours.
    The absence of concern allows the human to focus on their activity with optimal concentration.
  1. Less expense
    There are not a few humans who, in an attempt to avoid the loneliness of their non-rational partner, take him to nurseries during the working period, something that, without a doubt, causes a fixed cost, and not a small one, on an ongoing basis.
    Being able to share the working period with the dog avoids expenses for humans, such as the mentioned nurseries, or dog walkers, responsible and paid people, who solve the needs of walking, playing, recreation and excrement that the human worker cannot offer.
  1. Avoid behavior problems
    Not only humans benefit from the presence of their canine friend at work… there are not a few dogs that do not properly manage their loneliness at home… there are not a few animals that suffer from separation anxiety and, apart from their discomfort, from their underlying suffering, can cause various types of damage in the home, and in their belongings.
    The accompaniment of the animal to the labor field of the human totally avoids the presentation of this behavioral pathology.
    The animal will not only be with its best friend, the animal will be part of a group, something that, for its gregarious reality, gives it a clear state of well-being and calm.

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