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Best time to visit Munich

The best time to visit Munich is in the spring, from late March to mid-May, or the first weeks of September before the Oktoberfest crowd arrives. In these time periods, you are likely to find pleasant weather and many fun events, from festivals to concerts, plus they all coincide with many school holidays in Munich, so not only will the tourist crowd be reduced, the city in herself is often calmer and calm. The summer and Christmas and New Year season are very popular with visitors to Munich for the large number of outdoor activities available in summer and for the Christmas markets and festive atmosphere in winter, but both can attract larger crowds and more expensive accommodation.

High season for Munich

Munich has several notable ‘peak seasons’, the most famous of which is Oktoberfest, which lasts from late September to early October, making accommodation challenging and expensive at this time of year. Summer is also considered a peak season with higher accommodation rates, as well as the Christmas season, as many tourists like to visit Munich’s charming Christmas markets. Also note that for about a week in April, the BAUMA convention fills hotels as quickly as Oktoberfest – it’s worth checking BAUMA dates if you’re planning on traveling to Munich in April, although the rest of the month is relatively calm.

Famous events and festivals in Munich

As mentioned above, Munich’s most famous festival is Oktoberfest, which takes place in the fall, a massive beer festival, essentially, so maybe it’s best avoided if that’s not your scene. Other smaller beer festivals might be a better option if you want to have a similar experience but stay away from the crowds, such as Starkbierfest in March and Fruhlingsfest in late April and early May. The charming Auer Dult takes place several times a year, and the popular Tollwood festival packed with concerts, a circus, various stage acts, and lots of food and art is held twice a year in winter and summer.

Various holidays ranging from Christmas to Fasching (Carnival) have many associated festivities to explore.

Weather in Munich

Munich’s weather can be a bit unpredictable at times – some years will see a hot April and a cold, rainy May, or a stormy November followed by a mild December. However, in general, temperatures and climate tend to be moderate; it is not often that you encounter a winter blizzard or a sweltering, wet summer day. Bring layers to be safe no matter the season, but you’ll likely have beautiful weather from late April to early October.


Usually one of the coldest months of the year in Munich, the main advantage of visiting Munich in January is that it is one of the most off-season months to visit after the New Year, so you are likely to get good deals. in accommodation and travel. rate. If you like skiing, Munich is an excellent base for a visit in January: you can easily reach several ski resorts by train, all within 2 hours of the main station.

Events to watch

  • The city goes wild with fireworks at Silvester (New Years), and the bridges around the Isar River make for great vantage points.


Yet another rather cold month (sometimes colder than December and January), February can be a great time to visit Munich, partly due to Fasching (Carnival).

Events to watch

  • During Fasching, bakeries produce delicious krapfen , special donuts, and there are various Fasching parties and dances throughout the city.


March in Munich can have weather ranging from sunny and lovely to the last ray of winter with some snow – anything goes! If the weather is uncooperative, it’s a perfect opportunity to visit some of the city’s great museums, art galleries, and indoor pools.

Events to watch

  • The annual Starkbierfest (‘strong beer’) is a good way to experience a Munich beer festival with the locals, but be warned, the beer is really strong, as the name suggests!


April, particularly the second half, can be a beautiful time of year in Munich with all the spring flowers blooming. Easter often falls in April and you can find egg hunts, the Easter bunny (a German invention!), And Easter Masses all over town.

Events to watch

  • Fruhlingsfest is Oktoberfest’s little sister and much more welcoming and local. This festival kicks off the outdoor season for events in Munich.


The outdoor pools start to open in May, which is often when the weather takes a turn for Munich’s stunning beach. A great time of year for a picnic in the English Garden or by the Isar River.

Events to watch

  • Lange Nacht der Musik is a night full of concerts and performances throughout the city.


June is a beautiful time of year to visit Munich; Generally, a pleasant climate is guaranteed without getting too hot. It is also the perfect time for hiking in the pre-Alps, less than an hour by train. However, visitors tend to start showing up now, so be sure to book accommodation in advance.

Events to watch

  • Hofflohmarkte: Munich’s popular courtyard flea markets transform a neighborhood every weekend into an exciting opportunity to visit beautiful hidden courtyards and pick up some bargains.


July is generally the month of the brewery and grill in Munich. Take the S-Bahn to a nearby lake, like Starnberg or Ammersee, for a perfect summer day.

Events to watch

  • Tollwood – This popular outdoor festival features well-known musical acts, a circus, art exhibits, and international organic food vendors.
  • Klassik am Odeonsplatz: Come listen to some of the best orchestras in Germany to play classical music in the open air on the famous Odeonsplatz square.


August is a fun little month because many locals go on vacation while tourists come to visit. It’s usually one of the warmest months of the year, so beer gardens, outdoor pools, and lakes are great options in Munich during August.

Events to watch

  • Kino, Mond und Sterne is an open-air cinema in the Olympic park with a variety of films, some of them with subtitles.


September is one of the peak tourist months for Munich due to Oktoberfest , which despite its name takes place mainly in September. The first half of the month is a particularly nice time to come – the weather is typically warm and sunny with no rush of visitors towards the end.

Events to watch

  • Oktoberfest is Munich’s most famous event, drawing thousands of visitors to beer tents, carnival games, and live entertainment.


Although it often gets chilly during the second half of the month, early October tends to be mild and the changing foliage looks impressive when you walk around town.

Events to watch

  • Auer Dult is a charming quarterly festival that is low-key and fun for everyone; You can browse for antiques or ride a historic Ferris wheel.


While November is not usually the most pleasant month in terms of weather (generally cold, but no snow), there is still a lot to enjoy this month in Munich.

Events to watch

  • The Bavarian celebration of Saint Martin’s Day is celebrated on November 11. There are lantern processions, bonfires and the traditional ‘St. Martin’s Goose ”meal with roast goose, red cabbage and Bavarian dumplings.


This is the most festive time of the year in Munich, with charming Christmas markets ranging from artsy to traditional to hyper-local offering mulled wine, Christmas gingerbread and stollens and a myriad of other delicacies, as well as live music. , puppet shows and some games for young children. Entertainment options are often holiday themed, and things change to be cozy with the weather.

Events to watch

  • Weihnachtsmarkt and Christkindlmarkt are some of the most beloved Christmas markets in Munich. They include a medieval market at Odeonsplatz, the Chinese Tower market in the English Garden, and the Tollwood winter arts festival.

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