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Big Fish N Campground Lafayette, Indiana

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Camp: Big Fish N
Camp Location : Lafayette, Indiana
Last visit: April 6, 2014
How found: From a friend
How did you camp: other

Review and description of the camp:


We just went fishing for a few hours.


Pros, cons, attractions and additional comments:

Pros: there were not many people there.


When I got to Big Fish-N-Campground I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t even know it was a camp. All I knew was the address, and that I was going to meet my friends at some ponds on this property to go fishing. I had some trouble finding it, and when I did, there was a sign for a campground and an open gate. Worried to find where my friends were, I was late, I didn’t pay much attention to that signal at the time, which turned out to be a mistake.

I entered the field and found my friends’ car, which I parked next to and then walked to meet them at the pond where they were fishing. I had barely started baiting my fishing line when a man pulling a tractor driveway pulled up behind us and waved me over. He asked me if I had stopped at his office upon entering. I told him no, no, I didn’t know there was an office. He followed this statement by saying that he owed him $ 16. Puzzled, I asked him why, and he said that because he hadn’t stopped by the office to pay him, I had to pay him right away.

I replied that it was okay, I was sorry I didn’t realize that I had to pay to fish there, and I would, but I asked him again if he’s sure it’s $ 16 which seems pretty steep for just a few hours of fishing. .

By this time, my friends had approached and he asked them what they were paying. They said $ 8 and he nodded and said he made people who didn’t come by the office pay double, or he called the sheriff. I told him that was absurd because he did not intend to sneak in and that I would happily pay him the $ 8. He said the only reason the door was open was because he was working the driveway with a tractor and he still owed him $ 16. At this point, my friends also tried to help me explain how I hadn’t intended to sneak in, and that I wasn’t trying to dodge the original payment.

After several minutes of explaining to us that he finally granted and accepted my $ 8, and with a warning that if he ever tried again, he would call the sheriff and leave.

I must say that I have rarely met someone who is so rude and unprofessional to their clients, especially right away. I would advise prospective campers and anglers on this site that if they want a fun outdoor experience, there are plenty of other campgrounds and fishing spots in the area that are either free or more professionally run.

Attractions: Other fishing areas include Shafer and Freeman Lake and even the Wabash.

Comments: I found the management rude and unprofessional, and the fishing mediocre. I would not go back to Big Fish N Campground. The site disappointed my friends too, because apparently, although it had still been a paid site, the ponds were stocked weekly with catfish and the fishing was catch and hold; the camps would even pay you by the pound to release big cats if you caught them. Now the site no longer stores the ponds, and you still pay to fish, just catch and release.

Rating: 1

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From Big Fish N Campground in Lafayette, Indiana: “Big Fish’n Campground is a place of recreation, relaxation and competition. It doesn’t matter if you are 1, 2 or a large group. We have set the stage for everyone to enjoy. BFC has over 28 acres to enjoy the great outdoors. With 3 stocked fishing ponds and 12 acres of water, there is plenty of room for the angler or camper who needs their space. Approximately 14 acres of camping area gives us nearly 70 full-service and unlimited primitive camping sites.

“We are proud of our camp and our catch and release fishing is second to none and is now known as a ‘Catch Fest’. The ponds are stocked with Bass, Bluegill, Carp, Crappie, Kentucky Blue Catfish along with our main fish stock, Farm Raised Channel Catfish. Spend time at your campground or fishing area and then cool off in our heated pool when you’re ready. Big Fish has been an excellent fishing and camping area since 1960 and we are proud of its continued success. the goal is to make your outing enjoyable.

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