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Winter camps call the Coleman heater

Dedicated campers don’t let a little snow hold them back, but the right gear is essential. The Coleman SportCat Catalytic Heater is a safe, portable propane heater that is ideal for cold weather camping. The 1,500 BTU output runs for up to 14 hours from a 16.4-ounce propane cylinder (not included), and a portable built-in handle makes the heater easy to transport. Its stable and removable base provides sturdy support for the heater.

The flameless catalytic process is what sets catalytic heaters apart from other propane appliances. Don’t be misled into thinking that it is the fuel that burns clean because it is actually the platinum in the heating unit that reacts with the burning propane that produces few, if any, harmful gas emissions.

The ProCat model is an option; It has a built-in fan, but it requires batteries. The ProCat produces 3,000 BTUs and burns for eight hours in a can of fuel. For safety reasons, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for using this heater in your tent and be sure to always allow adequate ventilation to compensate for the oxygen that the heater uses.

Coleman heater features

Not only is this heater super easy to use, it can also be tailored to your camping needs. It has an adjustable heat control knob and can come with or without electronic ignition. One of the reasons this product is so beloved is because it is a safe heater for tents, heats up to 14 hours straight in a fuel cylinder, and is easy to transport with its built-in handle and stable, detachable stand. You can also add the soft carry case containing the heater and two propane cylinders to your order.

Winter camping

You might be thinking, “Why would anyone want to camp in a tent on a freezing winter night?” The answer: camping in cold weather is a completely different experience, and it’s much less crowded than summer, the peak season for camping. Without all those other people around, it’s so much easier to have a “Walden” moment and really communicate with nature. Gathering around the campfire is a pleasant necessity. Additionally, the winter landscape is beautiful in its minimalist glory, with evergreens set against a dull or snowy background, stars shining through crisp, clear air, and the sky a striking blue.


The importance of having the correct equipment, including the correct heater, cannot be overstated. This also includes bringing lots of layers, such as thermal underwear, socks, waterproof boots, and more.

With tips and advice on cold weather camping, camping gear reviews including the best winter tents, and how to prepare your RV for the cold, we’ve got you covered. Now all you need to do is pack up and go.

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