AutoBMW C400X bursts into the media as a winning...

BMW C400X bursts into the media as a winning horse

In 2011, BMW surprises all lovers of urban mobility with the BMW c600 Spor t and the BMW c 650 GT, offering a premium alternative in the maxi-scooter segment. This new model complements the urban range by betting on a new premium product in the middle segment. Its size and weight make it a scooter full of versatility and fun ready to accompany you at any time of the day.

In design, in addition to taking a step forward in modernity and innovation, it seeks to keep up with the day-to-day setbacks of the urban scene. Wind and rain are the staunch enemies of the biker on a day-to-day basis. Without a doubt, a scooter can never protect us from these elements, but it can be conceived and designed to help us overcome them.

The lighting is deposited in the LED headlight, equipped with daytime running light as an option. You can store two full face helmets under the seat. New motorists who come to this world will realize how important this is, to be able to free yourself from helmets in a safe way when your scooter is an essential part of your routine.

The single cylinder engine shows real efficiency with adequate power. The transmission, called CVT, is your perfect travel companion.

And for all this to be combined, you need a power to match: in this case, 34 hp is more than enough. As for the engine, in addition, the traction control (ASC) provides safety in acceleration and stability on slippery surfaces.

If we bare the BMW C400X we find a tubular steel frame, telescopic fork and a standard braking system with ABS.

To guarantee a real effectiveness of the ABS, the scooter is equipped with a double front brake disc and a rear single disc . In damping, a telescopic fork and two shock absorbers at the rear provide suspension and damping. The brand seeks with these components a dynamic, fun and sporty driving aligned with comfort at all times.

Being driving will not be synonymous with being disconnected. In addition to the optional standard LED lighting, you can incorporate the Connected Ride BMW Motorrad . Equipped with a 6.5-inch color TFT screen and the most advanced BMW Motorrad multicontroller , this system achieves integrated operation.

The summary of what I just told you is that you will be able to control your phone in a safe and efficient way while riding your scooter . You can also access your vehicle and listen to music content while driving. And the most important thing: when you are ready for your scooter to take you to any corner of the big cities, you have navigation through arrows, an easy and practical system.

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