NewsBreakthrough vaccination: TV presenter Guido Cantz has Corona

Breakthrough vaccination: TV presenter Guido Cantz has Corona

The “Do you understand fun?” Moderator is, in his own words, corona-positive. His double vaccination seems to at least save him from serious consequences: “I’m fine.”

Cologne – The TV presenter Guido Cantz (50) claims to have tested positive for Corona. “I can’t say when and where I got infected. I have been vaccinated twice and have been testing myself daily for 14 days, ”Cantz wrote on Facebook on Thursday.

In the comments on his post, some users put a possible connection to 11.11. in Cologne: Cantz had opened the carnival session on stage at Cologne’s Heumarkt.

Cantz, who moderated the ARD show “Do you understand fun?”

On December 18, the last “Do you understand fun?” Issue with Cantz is on the program. His departure will be accompanied by performances by Francine Jordi, Jörg Pilawa, Isabel Varell, Andy Borg and Arabella Kiesbauer. Barbara Schöneberger will be his successor from 2022. dpa

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