FunBronze Age: Stages and Outstanding Features

Bronze Age: Stages and Outstanding Features

When we talk about the Bronze Age, it is the one that takes place in a certain period of time where the nomads were the protagonists. At this time, agriculture is expanding in the same way that metallurgy does and this gives rise to disputes to defend each of the territories.

The period in which we focus goes from the years 3,800 and 1,200 BC where the changes were precise giving rise to the civilizations that are born and then go through a great and greater development.

The importance of tools

This period of time is called the Bronze Age precisely because a variety of materials were made with bronze. Specifically, we talk about tools and many other utensils that were used to work in agriculture and crafts, which were the first jobs of the moment.

In general, these stages are called the metal age, and include the age of bronze, copper and iron .

Stages of the Bronze Age

  • Ancient Bronze Age: between 3,500 BC and 2,000 BC
  • Middle Bronze Age: between 2000 BC and 1600 BC
  • Final Bronze Age: between 1600 BC and 1200 BC

What are the signs of this stage in history

Stage marked by agriculture

In these different periods of life, we see that there are different stages such as the old or the middle and in each one things happen. Now, it is marked by agriculture and cultivation, so that humans have their own lands and there are many disputes between them to be able to take care of their territory.


In addition to the defense of each territory, the different exchanges are of vital importance to be able to enjoy what is on earth. In this way, those who could cultivate their land and had excess food could exchange with others by exchanging minerals, tools and other belongings. This exchange advanced what later became commerce.


The first vestiges of power also emerge, that is, there was no nobility as such but there were those who showed superiority within society, and could show their wealth , creating an increasingly important difference between social classes.

It is at this time when craftsmanship shows its heyday and various jewelry with gold and other important fabrics appear.

All these stages are of great importance because they mark a step towards civilization , hence the Bronze Age is known as such.

When hyenas lived in the Arctic

These animals crossed from Asia to America through the Bering Bridge during the Ice Age.

This is how the light bulb was invented

History tells us that the famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison was the inventor of the light bulb, which is not true. Many searched for it and quite a few got it, but Edison was the one who turned that invention into a money-making machine.

We were able to start breeding animals 2000 years earlier than previously thought

This is demonstrated by remains of charred manure that are 13,000 years old.

Nanotyrannus: another species of T.rex?

New evidence indicates that the species is actually tyrannosaurs during their youth.

Tuskegee: The Most Infamous Experiment in History

In 1932, the venereal disease section of the Public Health Service created a study group whose objective was to monitor a group of African-Americans with syphilis, which became the longest study in the history of medicine: 40 years.