LivingBy practicing fifteen minutes of daily exercise you will...

By practicing fifteen minutes of daily exercise you will live longer

caminarThe people who doexercise for 15 minutes a day or 92 minutes a week, extend their life expectancy by three years compared to people who are inactive, according to a study published inThe Lancet. “Exercise at very low levels reduces deaths from any cause by 14 percent,” says one of the study’s lead authors, University of Texas professor and professor Xifeng Wu.

The researchers found that ehe risk of death from any cause decreased by 4 percent for every 15 more minutes of exercise, reaching up to 100 minutes of exercise per day during the study. Thus, exercises for 30 minutes a day add about four years to life expectancy.

In the study, which followed 416,175 Taiwanese between 1996 and 2008 for an average of eight years, participants completed a questionnaire about their medical history and information about their lifestyle, as well as the physical activity they did per week during the month above, collected according to its intensity (low, moderate or high) and time. According to research, if inactive people in Taiwan got a little daily exercise, one in six deaths could be postponed. “Wouldan estimated mortality reduction similar to that of a successful tobacco control program“, the authors assure.

Participants who did less than one hour a week of physical activity were classified as inactive, that is, 54 percent of all subjects. Others were rated low, medium, high, or very high based on the duration and intensity of their exercise. Thus, the researchers calculated the mortality risk and life expectancy for each group.Those who participated with low volume of exercise had lower death rates than those who were inactiveregardless of age, gender disease risk, health status, tobacco use, alcohol use, or cardiovascular disease.

“A recommendation of 15 minutes of daily exercise should be promoted,” say the authors, who conclude that these findings can encourage people to exercise as much as they can and not be frustrated because they cannot reach the 30 minutes a day that so far the experts recommended.


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