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Cama Beach State Park

Are you looking to enjoy a camping experience without having to rush? Families can enjoy a quiet and affordable getaway at the historic beach huts at Cama Beach State Park on Camano Island. The complex, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, retains the simplicity that has made it a family favorite for decades. The original Cama Beach Resort opened in 1934 as a fishing destination. The complex was owned and operated by the same family until 1989. Since then, it has been purchased and restored by the Washington State Parks department.

The cabins at Cama Beach State Park

The cabins are located a few feet from the water in the southwestern part of Camano Island, overlooking the Saratoga Passage and the Olympic Mountains. While you’re there, you can enjoy bird watching, hiking through the woods, or strolling along the beach.

The cabins at Cama Beach are small and basic, in keeping with the history of the resort. All cabins are heated and have beds, tables and chairs, microwave, small refrigerator / freezer, coffee maker and sink. Hooks and open shelves are provided for storage. A bathhouse with showers is available. Some of the cabins have their own bathroom. Pets and smoking are not allowed.

Services at Cama Beach State Park

On-site facilities include a small shop that sells burgers and hot dogs and offers a small selection of souvenirs and groceries.

Fun Things to Do at Cama Beach State Park

There is a small play area, horseshoe pits, a community fire pit, and a boat building workshop. A network of hiking trails meanders through the park.

Fun Things to Do Near Cama Beach State Park

You don’t have to venture far from Cama Beach State Park to find other activities and attractions. On the island of Camano you will find a good selection of restaurants and art galleries. The island is also a great place for bird watching; Rascals, ducks, herons, bald eagles, and ospreys are common. An even greater variety of parks and attractions are available in nearby Skagit Valley and Whidbey Island.

Where is Cama Beach State Park?

1880 SW Camano Drive
Camano Island, WA 98282

Advance reservations are required.

Visit the Cama Beach website

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