FunCan we die from receiving an electric shock at...

Can we die from receiving an electric shock at home?

The risk is not given by the electrical voltage, although a discharge of thousands of volts can cause damage, but by the amount of current that passes through the body. The danger of household current, whose voltage is 230 volts, comes from the fact that it is supplied continuously . In other words, if a bare wire is touched, the current will continue its journey through the body to reach the ground, and will do so until it is released.

Slaves and Disabled: Forced Medical Test Volunteers

The main problem to carry out medical research is to have willing volunteers for it. And if they come out for free, much better. This is the story of unethical behavior in medical research.

This is how the light bulb was invented

History tells us that the famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison was the inventor of the light bulb, which is not true. Many searched for it and quite a few got it, but Edison was the one who turned that invention into a money-making machine.

Japanese scientists create a 'washing machine for humans'

Can you imagine taking a relaxing bath in a machine that washes you with bubbles, plays relaxing music or videos?

Insect swarms generate as much electricity as a thunderstorm

Swarms of bees can generate an electrical charge of 1,000 volts per meter, a higher voltage density than thunderclouds and electrified dust storms.

Invest in the air? The best option to protect your health this season

Breathing cleaner air in any room in your home or office is ideal. TruSens air purifiers are effective at removing smoke, dust, viruses and bacteria.