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Can you play 4 retro games at the same time?

Are you a ‘multiracial’ person? Do you have the ability to multitask and execute them successfully? Can you write emails, answer calls, answer WhatsApp messages and take selfies simultaneously? Have you ever been told that you look like an octopus?

Then you might enjoy testing your skills with a mobile app that will be released in a week.

It’s called Quadracade and – as its name suggests – you have to play four mobile arcade-type games at the same time on a screen divided into four areas . To make it more difficult, the user does not choose the minigames with pixelated aesthetics that he is going to face, but rather they appear randomly.

Quadracade has an extensive collection of small retro titles and different retro mini-games appear in each game. The games by themselves and autonomously are not excessively complicated, however, combined with three others things change a lot. The challenge is to attend to all of them at the same time, as if you were a chess player who distributes his attention in simultaneous games.

To top it all, the level of difficulty keeps getting higher and higher. As you progress, another 30 more complex virtual games are unlocked. In addition, the creator of Quadracode promises that more titles will be released in future updates.

“You will have to be attentive to the games that are constantly being activated and deactivated to have a true mastery of the game,” he explains in the application description.

What if we slow down?

As the main help, game users have power-ups with which they can slow down the pace of the game or raise their score. Likewise, they also have the possibility of any minigame in which they have been stuck by another. These appear immediately and, like the previous ones, arise randomly.

Quadracode is available for iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded from the App Store. If you have been intrigued by the mobile game, you can now make your pre-reservation in the Apple store. The application has been developed by Kieran Haden.

WarioWare, the precedent

For the most veteran perhaps this app reminds them of WarioWare Inc: Minigame Mania , a title originally released in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance in which there was a collection of microgames. These only lasted 7 seconds and if they were not exceeded, a life was lost.

The dynamics of the game liked and later other versions were released that also had this characteristic of microgames . There are to complete, survival, boss, intelligence and even doing nothing. It is the player who must discover what to do about the brand in each of them. The last of the saga would have been WarioWare Gold, released in 2018 for Nintendo 3DS.

The main difference with Quadracode is that in WarioWare you have to face the microgames one by one and not with several at the same time happening on the screen.

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