SportF1Car upgrades from F1 teams for Zandvoort

Car upgrades from F1 teams for Zandvoort

See the teams’ improvements to their cars for the 2022 Dutch GP at Zandvoort.

Alerón trasero Alpine A522

Alpine A522 rear spoiler

Alpine is wearing a new rear wing concept this weekend, where the upper part of the two A522 elements has been reduced in chord, in order to improve aerodynamic efficiency.

Lance Stroll, Aston Martin AMR22

Lance Stroll, Aston Martin AMR22

Aston Martin Racing has tested a larger mirror design for the FIA as the governing body assesses whether to make changes to the regulations for 2023 in that regard.

Espejo Aston Martin AMR22

Mirror Aston Martin AMR22

A shot from behind of the larger mirror housing that Aston Martin tested on the AMR22 .

Espejos Mercedes W13

Mirrors Mercedes W13

The larger mirrors he also tested for the FIA Mercedes in W13, and which the team had already used briefly in Belgium.


A great shot of the Red Bull RB18 being loaded onto the truck to be taken to the garage, showing the level of detail on the brake ducts, diffuser, beam wing and rear wing.

Detalle del freno trasero del Ferrari F1-75

Ferrari F1-75 rear brake detail

An image of the underside of the Ferrari F1-75 gearbox mount, rear suspension and brake assembly. Look at the design of the caliper housing, with holes to release heat, and the coated surface to help manage temperatures.

Detalle del freno delantero AlphaTauri AT03

AlphaTauri AT03 front brake detail

AlphaTauri’s front brake assembly without the disc fairing mounted. Also noteworthy is the size and shape of the inlet blade that recedes directly towards the outlet.

Detalles técnicos del Mercedes W13

Technical details of the Mercedes W13

A look at the arrangement of the stays under the chassis of the Mercedes W13, with a thinner metal stay used towards the front of the bib and a double leaf spring arrangement towards the rear.

Detalle lateral del Mercedes W13

Side detail of the Mercedes W13

The inner wrap of the sidepods of the Mercedes W13, which has a recess cut into the chassis to fit the radiators.

Detalle frontal del Aston Martin AMR22

Aston Martin AMR22 front detail

The Aston Martin AMR22 fitted with a large Kiel probe between the front wheel assembly and sidepods so the team can collect airflow data during free practice.

Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin AMR22

Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin AMR22

Another shot of the Kiel probe grid rakes positioned behind the front wheel assemblies on the AMR22 as Sebastian Vettel is about to hit the track for FP1.

AlphaTauri AT03 alerón trasero

AlphaTauri AT03 rear spoiler

AlphaTauri’s new rear wing design at the Dutch Grand Prix, with a tighter transition between mainplane and endplate to increase wing span.

Suelo del Red Bull Racing RB18

Red Bull Racing RB18 flooring

The rear floor section of the Red Bull RB18 is different on both cars this weekend as well. Sergio Pérez opts for the tab-shaped wing cutout and extension, shown here, while Max Verstappen prefers the plain version.

Suelo del Red Bull Racing RB18

Red Bull Racing RB18 flooring

Another angle of the same part of the floor of Sergio Pérez’s RB18.

Detalle del alerón trasero del Red Bull Racing RB18

Red Bull Racing RB18 rear wing detail

A close up of the rear wing flap and endplate junction on the Red Bull RB18. It is seen that the Gurney flap at the trailing edge of the upper flap is interrupted in line with the flap pivot or rather its edge.

Detalle del alerón delantero del Alpine A522

Alpine A522 front wing detail

Alpine’s front wing, which the team has a new spec for this weekend to suit the changes made to the rear of the car. The new spec is a slightly lower downforce option, where the wing configuration has been altered.

Alerón delantero del Williams FW44

Williams FW44 front wing

Williams also has a new front wing design this weekend, where the outside of the top two flaps are adjusted where they meet the endplate. The changes will likely improve the wing’s output capability and lead to a better flow regime downstream.

Detalle de las flechas de la rueda trasera del Alfa Romeo

Detail of the arrows on the rear wheel of the Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo has a new rear brake duct deflector for this race, and has changed the shape to improve flow through and into the diffuser. The design of the top of the baffle fence is already somewhat different from its rivals, with an interesting spoon-shaped section where another control vane resides.

Espejo Aston Martin AMR22

Mirror Aston Martin AMR22

A close-up of the mirrors tested by the Aston Martin AMR22 which are similar to the current design, with a variety of flow conditioning surfaces used around the main body of the mirror.

Espejo AlphaTauri AT03

AlphaTauri AT03 mirror

AlphaTauri’s test mirrors were also a variation of the design it uses in 2022, with the main body and fin running across the top extended.

And for comparison, here’s the normal spec rear view mirror from the AlphaTauri AT03. You see the difference?

Espejo AlphaTauri AT03

AlphaTauri AT03 mirror

Alerón trasero McLaren MCL36

McLaren MCL36 rear wing

Wax on the rear suspension of the McLaren MCL36 as the team continues to evaluate the set of parts introduced in recent races.

Lance Stroll, Aston Martin AMR22

Lance Stroll, Aston Martin AMR22

Aston Martin reverted to using the rear wing design, which features the tall, rolled endplate design, on a circuit that demands more of a high downforce setup, having introduced it in Hungary but reverting to a lower downforce setup. aerodynamics (without him) in Belgium.

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