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Caring for dogs in summer

With the arrival of summer, dogs are at increased risk of dehydration and can suffer from heat stroke. Therefore, it is essential that you know how to recognize the signs of heat stroke in your furry companion, so that it does not grow older. Keep an eye on their health!

Never leave your dog in the car

“Even with the windows down, we should never leave our pets in a vehicle unattended,” explained Susan Nelson, a professor at the University of Arkansas Veterinary Health Center. “For what might seem like a short trip to the bank, it can end up being fatal for our pets,” he added.

To prevent heat stroke, you should also take into account the time you take your dog for a walk or a run. Thus, it is advisable to remove it in the coolest hours of the morning or later at night.

How to detect heat stroke

The following are some of the symptoms Nelson said to look out for when trying to detect heat stroke in your dog:

  • Excessive panting
  • Gums that are dark red, blue, or purple.
  • Thick saliva and drooling.
  • Dizziness or disorientation
  • Restlessness or distressed appearance.
  • Fast heart rate or irregular heartbeat.
  • Vomiting or traces of blood in the stools.
  • Seizures and muscle tremors
  • Collapse or loss of consciousness.

If you think your furry companion is starting to overheat, take him to a shady area and offer him cold water until his temperature is regulated.

Also, if your dog shows signs of heat stress, the best thing to do is soak him in cold water and place him in front of a fan. If it stays the same, turn on the car’s air conditioning and take him to the vet immediately for treatment as soon as possible.


Dehydration can also be a problem for pets in the summer.

According to the researcher, some of the signs of dehydration in dogs include sunken eyes, dry gums, and general weakness in the animal. Additionally, dogs pant to cool off and often pant frequently when they are tired or hot.

On the other hand, it is imperative that cats and dogs that spend most of their time outdoors have access to plenty of clean, fresh water. The water bowls will need to be filled several times a day during the summer.

You will also need to change the food more regularly, as it spoils quickly in the heat and flies are attracted to food that is left out.

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