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Carolin Kebekus believed in the Christ Child for a long time

And the Christ child brings the presents at Christmas. Carolin Kebekus was convinced of this for a long time. After all, there was glitter on the windowsill.

Cologne – Carolin Kebekus (41) believed in the Christ Child for a long time. “I was convinced that it can only be the Christ Child who brings the gifts,” said the comedian of the German Press Agency in Cologne.

“Somehow my parents always timed it so well that I had the feeling that I had seen them all the time, they didn’t have a second. Once the window was still open and there was glitter on the windowsill. The Christ Child is just out! “

Christmas was always celebrated in the traditional way in her family, with church services, then playing the piano and giving presents at home. “But only when the bell has rung.” The greatest gifts she received as a child were a dollhouse she had built herself from her grandpa and a guinea pig.

The streaming service Netflix is currently running “The Last Christmas Special”, a Christmas comedy show with Carolin Kebekus. dpa

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