NewsCharlene of Monaco: encouraging video for her birthday

Charlene of Monaco: encouraging video for her birthday

Happy Birthday Charlene of Monaco! The princess has already received the first birthday greetings for the 44th: The video shows her whole life in moving pictures.

Monaco – Charlene of Monaco celebrates her 44th birthday. But her state of health still overshadows her day of honor. The princess hadn’t heard from her social media channels for a long time. For the birthday there is finally a new post from the birthday child on Instagram.*

Charlene of Monaco: Encouraging video throwback to her birthday

“Happy birthday, Princess Charlène*!” can be read under the posting, which is accompanied by a lively classic waltz version of “Happy Birthday To You”. “We honor you for how much you always give to change the lives of people around the world. Your passion and dedication to saving and changing lives is truly an inspiration.” A red heart punctuates the loving words. “We hope this video of your journey so far will remind you how much you are loved and appreciated.” The three-minute clip is courtesy of The Princess Charlene Of Monaco Foundation South Africa.

Fürstin Charlène zeigt ein kleines Lächeln und schaut seitlich (Symbolbild).


Princess Charlène is celebrating her 44th birthday at a secret location (symbol image).

Behind cute children and family pictures of the former Olympian are pictures from all phases of her life. Photos in love with Prince Albert II.* (63) show the happy young couple before and on the day of the wedding and their exciting palace life afterwards. Cute shots of the twins are followed by pictures of Charlène’s commitment to promoting young swimmers and other projects.

Charlène of Monaco: The dazzling life of the princess in fast motion

The video shows how committed Charlène is and how many personalities she has met. You can see meetings with the Dalai Lama (86), with Michelle (58) and Barack Obama (60) and there is also a picture of Prince Harry* (37) and the jubilarian in the article. Also on display is the South African-born clergyman and human rights activist Desmond Mpilo Tutu* (90, † 2021), who was sorely missed and who was buried in Cape Town on New Year’s Day 2022.

Within the first two hours, Charlène’s time travel video had already garnered 14,000 clicks, including countless well-wishers and get well wishes. Some are also worried and wish for a new health update.

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Hopes that the First Lady of Monaco will be seen the day after her birthday alongside her husband at the celebrations in honor of Sainte Dévote on January 26th and 27th* are not yet being entirely abandoned by fans as the celebrations count towards Charlène’s favorite events. However, most of them apparently wish for her that she could secretly spend her day of honor somewhere with her children and with Albert*. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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