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Charlène of Monaco: has the princess moved out of the palace?

Have Princess Charlène and Prince Albert been going their separate ways for a long time? Reports of Charlène’s move out of the palace continue to fuel the rumor mill.

Monaco – Princess Charlène (43) has spent most of the year in her home country South Africa, and for a few days she has had Monegasque soil under her feet again. The pictures of the joyful reunion with Prince Albert II (63) and the twins Jacques (6) and Gabriella (6) went around the world, but the rumors of an alleged marital crisis among the regent couple do not want to silence.

Charlène of Monaco: has the princess moved out of the palace?

As reported by *, the living situation of Princess Charlène * is again triggering speculation. As the British Daily Mail reports, the mother of two is said to have turned her back on palace life before she left for South Africa. Charlène is said to have moved into her own three-room apartment, which is around 300 meters from Monaco’s Prince’s Palace *. Husband Albert and their children continue to live in the official residence of the Grimaldis *.

According to her sister-in-law Chantell Wittstock, it is not yet clear whether Charlène will move back into her apartment after her return *. She explained to the “Daily Mail” that Princess Charlène might commute between the two residences: “It is not yet clear where she will settle […]. I mean, she just got back, everyone has to settle in first. The princess is very much looking forward to seeing her children and they are very much looking forward to seeing their mother again. “

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Fürstin Charlène und Fürst Albert II. von Monaco stehen nebeneinander und schauen betreten.


The rumors of separation about Princess Charlène and husband Albert continue.

Charlène von Monaco: how is your marriage going?

The palace is shrouded in silence, but reports about Charlène’s “single apartment” make one sit up and take notice. During the absence of his wife, Prince Albert II had repeatedly denied a separation in an interview *. On November 19, Monaco’s national holiday, the monarch couple will presumably be standing side by side in front of the cameras again. In February, Charlène and Albert * made their last official appearance. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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