NewsCharlène von Monaco “extremely happy”: But no move out...

Charlène von Monaco “extremely happy”: But no move out of the palace?

A few days ago it was rumored that Charlène of Monaco could possibly move out of the Prince’s Palace. Now things suddenly look very different.

Monaco – Despite their return from South Africa, in which many Monegasque had secretly no longer believed, Princess Charlène (43) and Prince Albert II (63) had to deal with new rumors of separation. Now Charlène’s sister-in-law spoke up again – with the concern of creating clarity once and for all, reports *.

Charlène von Monaco “extremely happy”: But no move out of the palace?

After long months of waiting, several operations * and many worried hours, Charlène von Monaco * was finally able to fly home to her husband Prince Albert * and their children Jacques * (6) and Gabriella (6) last week. The joy of seeing each other was quickly clouded, however. Rumors that the princely couple’s marriage should only exist on paper were reignited by Charlène’s sister-in-law, of all people.

Alleged statements by Chantell Wittstock, which had appeared in the “Daily Mail”, among others, painted the picture of an almost broken relationship. There was talk of moving out of the palace and the princess’s own apartment *. Now, however, the wife of Charlène’s brother Sean spoke up again – with an important matter.

Fürstin Charlène trägt ein cremefarbenes Kleid und auffällige, lange Ohrringe (Symbolbild).


Princess Charlène is “extremely happy” to be back in Monaco (symbol picture).

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Charlène von Monaco “extremely happy”: She does not live apart from Albert

As Chantell Wittstock told News24, the words in her mouth were turned around in the statements she last quoted. “The article twisted my statements. I said we don’t know where she is settling right now as she had just come back there. […] But I can assure you, wherever she is, she will be with Albert and her children, ”explained the sister-in-law.

Fürst Albert und Fürstin Charlène stehen nebeneinander und lächeln (Symbolbild).


Princess Charlène and Prince Albert II continue to live under one roof (symbol).

Due to numerous appointments, the princely couple often live in several apartments, including an apartment above an old chocolate shop in Monaco. “Charlène won’t live alone in the apartment. She and Albert have apartments everywhere and, depending on where they are needed, they stay there. ”The Princess is“ extremely happy ”to be with her family again, according to Chantell. By the way, Charlène even brought a sweet surprise for her twins * from South Africa. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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