SportMotoGPChilling fall of Martín, declared unfit for the race

Chilling fall of Martín, declared unfit for the race

The FP3 of the Portuguese Grand Prix was stopped in the final part due to a red flag caused by a heavy crash of the Spanish driver Jorge Martín .

The Pramac rider, with many problems going fast since yesterday, crashed at turn 7 in Portimao, lying on the ground, face down, without the rider being able to get up. That caused the stewards to show the red flag with 4.11 minutes remaining in the session, which Fabio Quartararo was leading at the time.


Martín’s Ducati was completely destroyed and very close to the protections, several meters away from where the pilot was lying. The assistance entered the track and the medical director of the championship, Angel Charte , appeared with the pilot for the first assistance at the foot of the track.

The pilot was removed from the track on a stretcher and conscious to the medical center of the circuit itself.

Martín is conscious, in a lot of pain and complains about one of his knees, the first reports are positive and reassuring, it seems that there is no serious injury at the moment.

One of the advisors of the Pramac team, Fonsi Nieto , reassured about the state of Martín.

“We are calmer, it was a good scare, his hand and leg hurt a lot, but he is conscious. I was on the track and I didn’t see the fall, when I went there it was impressive to see Jorge on the ground, but the doctors have reassured us. We don’t think about the race, only about Jorge’s health, the important thing now is that he is well. Knowing Jorge, with the desire he has, if he has the slightest chance, he will go out on the track. It’s a shame because I was on a great line, but this is MotoGP and it has its difficulties. The category is very nice but very tight and difficult, it’s a bit of a hangover from what happened in Qatar, he’s a rookie, he has to do kilometres, learn and make mistakes”.

Jorge Martín, evacuado en helicóptero

Jorge Martín, evacuated by helicopter

Evacuated by helicopter and declared unfit

At 11:15 local time, about 40 minutes after suffering the fall, Martín was evacuated from the Portimao Circuit by helicopter to the reference medical center to carry out all the pertinent examinations in order to rule out any internal injury or injury that could not be seen in the tests carried out in the clinic of the luso layout.

Dr. Ángel Charte , MotoGP medical officer, explained the last hour of the rider.

“Martín has a severe trauma, high energy, with several turns of the bell. He was initially conscious on the ground. It seems that he has momentarily lost consciousness, but when I arrived I was conscious, ”Charte explained on DAZN .

“The initial diagnosis is head trauma, significant polytrauma and with the possibility of several invoices in the hand and on the foot, here we have not been able to determine, we have referred him to the Faro hospital to perform a complete CAT scan of his entire body.”

“Initially the forecast is not serious, it is reserved, we will see how it evolves today.”


“I don’t know if she will need surgery, there is one that I don’t like very much but we need to do a scan, I don’t like the one on her hand, the one on her knee doesn’t seem serious, we need to do tests to see how serious it really is. He is fine, conscious and oriented,” Dr. Charte said.

Martín has been declared unfit to continue competing in the Portuguese Grand Prix , pending the results of the tests that will be carried out at the Faro Hospital.

Once there, the doctors detected two fractures in the hand and one in the foot, of which two will have to be operated on. The man from Madrid will remain 24 hours under observation admitted to hospital.


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