NewsChristmas market at the Wartburg is canceled

Christmas market at the Wartburg is canceled

In view of the worsening corona situation, the Wartburg Foundation in Eisenach has canceled its historic Christmas market. But there will be a smaller Christmas market in the city.

Eisenach – The historic Christmas market on the Wartburg is canceled due to rising corona numbers. The Wartburg Foundation in Eisenach said on Tuesday that one does not want to fuel the current situation around Covid-19 with large gatherings.

In view of the regulations and restrictions, the Christmas market with thousands of guests from Thuringia and all of Germany cannot be implemented in the usual atmospheric way. The Wartburg is best known because the reformer Martin Luther translated the New Testament of the Bible into German there 500 years ago.

The city of Eisenach itself announced on Tuesday that the Christmas market should take place in the city center. Only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered will be allowed in; a rapid test is sufficient for children and adolescents. The marketplace will be fenced in and the number of stalls will be reduced. dpa

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