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CityBikes in Helsinki

The bottom line

NOTE: The program described below has been discontinued due to funding issues and vandalism, and may or may not be offered in the future. We will post an update here as soon as there is news. In the meantime, use the Helsinki public transport system to get around.

Using a CityBike in Helsinki is the greenest way to get around Helsinki, and probably the cheapest (in addition to using the free Helsinki Card public transport).


  • Free transportation (2 euro deposit).
  • Healthy and ecological.


  • It is not an option in the colder months.


  • There are 26 CityBike stands spread across Helsinki.
  • Bicycle helmets are recommended and can be rented.
  • You get the 2 euro coin deposit at any bike stand.

Guide Review – CityBikes in Helsinki

Helsinki CityBikes is a great free service for anyone to get around Helsinki by bike during the warmer months. Just drop a 2 euro coin as a deposit and walk away. There are 26 CityBike stalls in Helsinki, which you can use to collect and return bikes (to retrieve your deposited currency).

The CityBikes in Helsinki are enclosed in a Citybike stand; Using your own lock to store your bike elsewhere is frowned upon. (If you find an abandoned Citybike, you can get the 2 euro deposit by returning the bike to one of the Citybike stalls).

Helsinki has a CityBikes map that delimits the area of the city in which bicycles can be used. Don’t worry, it basically covers the entire city of Helsinki.

If you want to rent a bicycle helmet, which is not mandatory, but recommended for CityBikes, visit Jugendsali at Pohjoisesplanadi 19 in central Helsinki. Have fun cycling!

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