EconomyFinancialCofepris withdraws Doritos and Cheetos for breaching regulations

Cofepris withdraws Doritos and Cheetos for breaching regulations

The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris), and the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) reported that after carrying out verification visits to supermarkets in Mexico City, 10,075 domestic and imported products were immobilized as a precautionary measure for failing to comply with the NOM-051 standard and its modification for prepackaged food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Among the immobilized foods are bags of Doritos, Cheetos and boxes of Coca Cola, without sugar and Dr Pepper.

Profeco reported that it went to four establishments in Mexico City, called Nueva Walmart, City Fresko and Chedraui , where visits were made to verify compliance with the standard and verify that consumers are adequately informed about the products they purchase.

The products insured in these establishments were:

• Chocolate powder, fortified with vitamins and minerals, Choco Tavo brand, 350 g.
• Powder to prepare a chocolate-flavored drink, Choco Tavo brand, 327 g.
• Don Gustavo, table chocolate, 540 g.
• Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavor milkshake syrup, D’Gari brand, 453 g.
• Traditional Mexican table chocolate, Chocolate Ibarra brand, 540 g.

Simultaneously, Cofepris also reported that it went to Soriana and Chedraui supermarkets, where non-compliance with the labeling of various products was also identified.

Among the more than 80 immobilized brands, the following stand out:

• Chocolate flavor sandwich cookies with creamy filling, vanilla flavor, Oreo brand, 273.6 g.
• Chunky cookies, Chips Ahoy! brand, 333 and 552 g.
• Lucky Charms brand toasted oatmeal sweetened with marshmallows, 309 g.
• Pesto sauce, Filippo Berio brand, 190 g.
• White bonbon, Kraft brand, 283 g.
• Corn chips, Doritos brand, 262.2 g.
• Pop Corn flamin hot and cheese flavors, Cheetos brand, 396.9 g.
• Liquid corn syrup, Hershey’s brand, 623 g.
• Lemon-flavored gelatin, JELL-O brand, 85 g.

The list of all immobilized products is available at:

Authorities detailed in a statement that these products were insured as they present irregularities in their labeling, such as:

  1. Skip the excess calories or excess sugars stamp
  2. Omit legends of allergens and those associated with the content of caffeine and sweeteners
  3. Present interactive images on products with warning seals or repealed labeling.

And it is that the national regulation is mandatory and, in terms of labeling, establishes the commercial and health information that must be contained in the labeling of the prepackaged product intended for the final consumer, of national or foreign manufacture, marketed in national territory. Nutritional warning seals must be located on the front of the packages.

The placement of seals in a lateral or posterior position may have the purpose of making unhealthy content invisible or deceiving consumers about the nutritional properties of the articles.

Manufacturers of prepackaged food and non-alcoholic beverages of Mexican and imported products are obligated to comply with current regulations, they can find guides and manuals on the application of NOM-051 available at the following electronic address

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