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Corona in Great Britain: new infections drop, number of deaths increases – why?

Corona numbers in the UK are falling, death rates remain high. Experts anticipate a worrying reason for this.

London – In Great Britain, the number of corona deaths has risen to the highest daily value in more than four months – despite steadily falling corona numbers. Experts are unsure what the reason for the decline is. There are several reasons for this, but the most likely result is that fewer people are being tested for the coronavirus in order not to risk their summer vacation. There could therefore be a high number of unreported infections.

On Tuesday, British authorities reported the deaths of 131 people, the highest number since March 17, 2021. At that time, 141 people died within four weeks of a corona infection. In the past seven days there were 480 corona deaths nationwide, 40 percent more than in the previous week.

Corona in Great Britain: Reason for Optimism?

“One of the reasons for this is the high number of cases that have been registered in the past few weeks,” said Yvonne Doyle, the medical director of Public Health England. “We know deaths follow when there are high numbers of new infections, and today’s data shows that we are still in the third wave.”

However, there is cause for cautious optimism. On Tuesday (07/27/2021) the number of new infections fell for the seventh day in a row. Almost 230,000 new infections in a week mean a decrease of a good 30 percent compared to the previous week – even though the corona restrictions are as good as lifted.

Reasons for falling corona numbers in the UK

There could be many reasons for this. Experts consider the start of the school holidays to be possible, the high number of students in self-isolation in the weeks before the holidays and the end of the 2021 European Championship, when many people watched the games together in pubs or at Wembley Stadium. Great Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson allowed more than 60,000 spectators to attend the games in the famous London stadium for the European Football Championship.

However, the experts have a fear that would not bode well: It could be that fewer people in Great Britain are being tested for the corona virus in order not to risk their summer vacation. The unreported number of infected people could therefore be significantly higher.

Great Britain wants to relax entry regulations

However, this fact could not only be dangerous for the British. Because the government is apparently planning to announce a significant opening step for international travel on Wednesday. Would mean: soon tourists from the USA and Europe could come into the country again without the previously applicable quarantine regulations if they are fully vaccinated. The Guardian reports.

Millions of people could then travel to friends and family or for tourist purposes in Great Britain without having to be quarantined for up to ten days. (msb)

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