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Corona wins the first metals for Mexico at Cannes Lions 2022

Corona scored a goal on the first day of Cannes Lions 2022. His piece Native Sportscasters, in which Mediacom México participated as media and We Believers as creative agency, won a silver and a bronze lion in the Radio and Audio category.

This campaign arose because it is difficult for the 68 indigenous peoples in Mexico to access the most popular sport: soccer. Many of these indigenous groups live in remote regions, where the television and internet signal is poor, so the radio is the medium they usually use to keep up with their favorite team.

But game broadcasts are in Spanish, so some 886,000 indigenous people who speak only their native language miss out on the action on the pitch. As Corona is a brand that sponsors the national soccer team, it was logical that it wanted to close this gap.

With this in mind, the Native Sports Casters campaign was created, where the brewer called on local radio stations across the country to invite indigenous people who spoke both their native language and Spanish to They will comment on the games.

About 850 people auditioned and with the help of professional soccer commentators six were selected, who attended the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City to cover Mexico’s World Cup qualifying matches against the United States and El Salvador, in March 2022. .

The result: the games were broadcast in six indigenous languages, including Nahuatl, Mixtec and Mayan, and through 75 local radio stations. In addition, 15 million listeners tuned in to the pambolero match, while sales increased 21% during the match.

Native Sports Casters had a 97% positive sentiment on social media, which is not surprising considering that in Mexico, soccer is an accepted sport followed by 90% of the population, according to the Mexican Soccer Federation ( Femexfut).

It is not the first time that Corona resorts to this sport to ‘put on the field’ its advertising campaigns. In 2021, together with the We Believers agency, it received the first Titanium Lion for Mexico, in recognition of the creative excellence of its “El Clásico de la Historia” campaign.

After more than 60 days without sporting events due to the health emergency caused by Covid-19, the brand created a completely new soccer game, derived from 70 hours of audiovisual material from the two most representative teams with the largest number of followers in the country: America and Chivas.

Fabio Baracho, Grupo Modelo’s vice president of marketing, assured in an interview that iconic brands are those that take charge in the most difficult moments and are committed to showing that they are more than a product or service, they really are the ones who support their customers. consumers.

the golden lion

The beer brand also took home a gold lion, thanks to the Plastic Fishing Championship campaign, which managed to stand out in the outdoor category.

Knowing that every year, 14 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean, the We Believers agency and Corona called on fishermen to clean up the ocean.

They then connected them with recycling companies so they could sell the plastic and earn extra income. In Mexico alone, 8.6 tons of plastic were collected in two days.

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