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Curiosities about water that perhaps you did not know

Every March 22, World Water Day is celebrated. This celebration started on March 22, 1993 thanks to the United Nations General Assembly. Precisely, the UN established this day to honor this fundamental resource, since fresh drinking water is one of the most valuable gifts of nature and there are billions of people who do not have access to safe drinking water every day.

The theme of World Water Day 2022 is “Groundwater: making the invisible visible”.

Despite its importance in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem, groundwater remains invisible, but it represents a vital natural resource that provides drinking water to almost half of the world’s population , according to the United Nations . It is a day to consider the impact of clean water in the world and make a difference. Especially considering that many people waste or abuse water because they tend to think only of what it costs in monetary terms and not that it is a very valuable resource that we should not take lightly and to which many people do not have access: 3 out of 10 people do not have access to water in the world.

Every year, World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of fresh water.

The latest World Water Day themes have been:

In 2021, World Water Day was about “Valuing water”.

In 2020, World Water Day was about “Water and climate change”.

In 2019, World Water Day was about “Leaving no one behind”.

In 2018, World Water Day was about “The answer is in nature”.

In 2017, World Water Day was about “Why waste water?

In 2016, World Water Day was about “Water and employment”.

In 2015, World Water Day was about “Water and sustainable development”.


The oldest living fossil is Triops cancriformis.

Living fossils are living things with an ancient lineage and have changed little or nothing in tens or hundreds of millions of years, and among them, triops are the oldest species.

This spider can stay underwater for more than 30 minutes.

Underwater hideout? A team of scientists has observed that some tropical spiders can dive in the face of a potential predator threat.

The theory of strategies r and K, a simplification of reality

Wilson and MacArthur's theory of 1967 was revolutionary in the field of evolutionary ecology, but today we know much more and it has become obsolete, except as a teaching tool

CO2 levels have just reached their highest level in human history

Earth's CO2 has exceeded 420 parts per million for the first time since records began. These are the latest data published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Superstitious Pigeons and the Monkeys and Ladder Experiment

The human being has many superstitious behaviors, but there are many animals that also: Skinner in 1947 studied the superstition in pigeons, and the famous experiment of the monkeys, the ladder and the banana illustrates other superstitions