EconomyDDB Mexico wins two Grand Prix at Cannes Lions...

DDB Mexico wins two Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2022

DDB Mexico is partying at Cannes Lions 2022. The agency won two Grand Prix with the piece Data Tienda, a financial information center for unbanked women, which worked for the We Capital institution.

One of them was in the Creative Data category and another was the Glass Lion. But, in addition, the same creative piece gave the agency a silver lion in press.

With Data Store you can check the payment behavior and grant credits with a lower risk margin.

This initiative arose with the aim of promoting financial inclusion, since 83% of women in Mexico do not have a credit history, according to the National Banking and Securities Commission.

However, many of these women are entrepreneurs. Business owners such as pharmacies, bakeries, beauty salons, sewing workshops or grocery stores. For this reason, DDB México and We Capital wanted to put together a database that included these people who can be very valuable to financial institutions.

23% of women registered on the platform have already received microcredit from banks. According to the agency, the database houses more than 10,000 credit behaviors, according to information from 50,000 businesses.

DDB Mexico also won a bronze in the Social & Influencers category, with the piece TikTok Teachers in which, with a challenge, it fueled the interest of platform users in learning sign language.

This creative piece was worked for the Mexican Federation of the Deaf and within the framework of the National Day of the Deaf, which is commemorated on November 28, in order to raise awareness about the different obstacles that people with hearing disabilities experience.

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