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De Vries wins "Driver of the Day" at the 2022 F1 Italian GP

The Dutchman originally traveled to Monza for a simple free practice session with Aston Martin this weekend, but ended up scoring two points for Williams’ locker and was voted Grand Prix ‘Driver of the Day’ by fans. from Italy.

Called to the rescue to replace Alexander Albon, who had to leave the grand prix with appendicitis, De Vries shone into Q2 on Saturday, before closing out an extremely strong race to cross the finish line in ninth position, something he it was enough for the fans to appreciate his work

F1 Italian GP 2022 Driver of the Day voting results:

Nyck de Vries24.8%
Carlos Sainz – 21.1%
Max Verstappen – 13.2%
Lewis Hamilton – 11.1%
Charles Leclerc – 7.4%

The “Drivers of the Day” of the 2022 Formula 1 season

Big prize driver of the day
Bahrain Bahrain Monaco charles leclerc
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Monaco charles leclerc
Australia Australia  Monaco Charles Leclerc  
Italy Emilia Romagna   Max Verstappen  
United States Miami   Max Verstappen  
Spain España   Lewis Hamilton  
Monaco Monaco Sergio Perez
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Lewis Hamilton
Canada Canada Monaco charles leclerc
United Kingdom Britain Sergio Perez
Austria Austria   Mick Schumacher  
France France Carlos Sainz
Hungary Hungary Max Verstappen
Belgium Bélgica   Max Verstappen  
Netherlands Netherlands Max Verstappen
Italia Italy Nyck de Vries

The “Drivers of the Day” of the 2021 Formula 1 season

Big prize driver of the day
Bahrain Bahrain Sergio Perez
Italy Emilia Romagna

  Lando Norris

Portugal Portugal Sergio Perez
Spain España  Lewis Hamilton
Monaco Sebastian Vettel
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Sebastian Vettel
France France Max Verstappen
Austria Styria Monaco Charles Leclerc
Austria Austria Lando Norris
United Kingdom Britain Monaco charles leclerc
Hungary Hungary Spain Fernando Alonso
Holland Sergio Perez
Italy Italy

Australia Daniel Ricciardo

Russian Federation Rusia

  Lando Norris

Turkey Turkey

Carlos Sainz (Ferrari)

United States USA

Max Verstappen

Mexico Mexico

Sergio Perez

Brazil Brasil

 Lewis Hamilton

Qatar qatar

Spain Fernando Alonso

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Max Verstappen

United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Kimi Raikkonen

The “Drivers of the Day” of the 2020 Formula 1 season

Big prize driver of the day
Austria Austria Thailand Alexander Albon
Austria Styria Sergio Perez
Hungary Hungary Max Verstappen
Britain Lewis Hamilton
70th Anniversary Max Verstappen
Spain Sebastian Vettel
Belgium Belgium Pierre Gasly
Italy Italia  Pierre Gasly
Italia Tuscany Daniel Ricciardo
Russian Federation Rusia  Max Verstappen
Germany Eifel Nico Hulkenberg
Portugal Portugal Sergio Perez
Italy Emilia Romagna Kimi Raikkonen
Turkey Turkey Germany Sebastian Vettel
Bahrain Bahrein   France Romain Grosjean
Bahrain Sakhir George Russell
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi   Max Verstappen

Driver of the Day Awards for Driver (since 2016)

Pilot Number of times
Max Verstappen 37
 Sebastian Vettel 20
 Lewis Hamilton 12
 Charles Leclerc 11
Sergio Perez 10
Daniel Ricciardo 9
Valtteri Bottas 6
Lando Norris 5
Fernando Alonso 4
Kimi Raikkonen 5
 Pierre Gasly 3
Thailand Alexander Albon 3
 Romain Grosjean 3
 Nico Hülkenberg 2
Spain Carlos Sainz two
Daniil Kvyat


Kevin Magnussen 1
 Nico Rosberg 1
 Lance Stroll 1
 George Russell 1
 Mick Schumacher 1
Nyck de Vries 1

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