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DGT: Prison, hospital or cemetery are the destinations for the possible offender in the new campaign

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) warns in its new awareness campaign on the occasion of the Holy Week operation of the «Top holiday» with the three destinations in which an offending driver can end up: the hospital, the jail or the cemetery. The campaign has three videos, one for each of these "destinations", which will be broadcast in the media and on social networks under the name "Top holiday" and which reflect that speeding, a last glass of alcohol or answering a text message can lead on numerous occasions to the hospital, jail or directly to the cemetery The general director of Traffic, Pere Navarro, has presented the device for Easter, which this year will have 8,800 agents from the Traffic Group from the Civil Guard, 400 more than last year; more than 1,400 radars; 216 cameras that will monitor seatbelt and mobile phone use; 264 camouflaged vehicles; ten helicopters and eight drones. / EFE

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