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Dining at the Luquillo kiosks

Dining at Luquillo’s roughly 60 kiosks could be considered a rite of passage for the true traveler to Puerto Rico. Most people end up falling in love with the fare at a favorite numbered stall, which can serve everything from Puerto Rican basics to gourmet burgers, ceviche, and other international dishes. Don’t be put off by the rustic exterior; Inside you will find a casual and cozy atmosphere and a meal worth sending a postcard home for.

Advantages of dining at the Luquillo kiosks

  • From gourmet Italian to fried snacks, everyone can find something they like here.
  • Those on a budget find cheap food at numerous kiosks.
  • After the main dinner time, a fun night scene unfolds.

Cons of dining at the Luquillo kiosks

  • The location is only accessible by car.
  • On the outside, the place looks a bit dirty.

The basics of dining at Luquillo kiosks

The kiosks are located on the north side of Route 3, near Luquillo Beach and just past the Route 191 entrance to El Yunque. Hours and days vary, but from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. most days, you will generally find at least a few kiosks open.

A review of dining at the Luquillo kiosks

From the outside, the long string of dilapidated tin stalls that house Luquillo’s revered kiosks can be a bit unnerving. But anyway, jump in and start trying all kinds of fritters , crab on a stick, and other goodies.

Over the years, as Luquillo has grown, the newsstands have come and gone. It now boasts an impressive collection of old stalwart classics, gourmet fusion restaurants, and new blood from around the world. It makes dining here even more of an adventure, and even more difficult to decide where to go. Here are some perennial favorites to try:

  • The Chief Burger Shack (Kiosk # 12) has ridiculously delicious stuffed burgers that have made it one of the most popular hangout spots on newsstands.
  • A Peruvian couple owns Ceviche Hut (Kiosk # 38), which gives it instant credibility; So does the signature ceviche dish, which uses red snapper as the main fish. If you don’t want seafood, there is much more on the menu.
  • La Parrilla, which means “the grill,” has long been the best choice among kiosks. Located in the kiosk n. 2, it is also one of the most expensive menus. But the food is very good, a mix of classic Puerto Rican with a bit of Caribbean fusion, and it’s known for its gourmet seafood (try the stuffed snapper).
  • Osso Buco (Kiosk # 29) offers surprisingly good and surprisingly authentic Italian food. The restaurant certainly ranks among the finest options on the newsstands.
  • Congas by the Sea (Kiosk # 9) serves tasty food at decent prices.
  • Roca Taino (Kiosk # 60) is last in the row of kiosks, and a great place for typical Puerto Rican bites like tacos (not to be confused with Mexican tacos – the Puerto Rican version is a large, deep-fried cigar). flour tortilla in the form filled with beef, chicken, crab, shrimp or lobster).

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