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Discounts of one peso or less: Users display the "promotions" of department stores in the Hot Sale

On social networks, some users posted screenshots of the alleged offers offered by Liverpool in the Hot Sale 2022, among which discounts of one peso stand out or others where the previous price appears crossed out but the promotional price is the same.

This practice fails to comply with the provisions of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) for this type of discount events, regarding displaying deceptive promotions or discounts.

Being an online sales event, it has been easy for Internet users to locate the "offers" and collect evidence of it. For example, on the official Liverpool site, a Sonos brand portable speaker is for sale that is supposedly discounted, but the original and reduced price is the same: 4,699 pesos.

Another case is that of an Adata brand SSD unit that has a discount of two pesos, going from 2,425 to 2,423 for the Hot Sale.

Liverpool is not the only store that is found in this case, in Suburbia, for example, several pairs of Puma brand tennis shoes do not show a change in their price of 1,699 despite supposedly having a discount.

On the other hand, at Walmart the LEGO Super Mario Pack Enhancer set has a discount of three cents, going from 119.03 to 119 pesos.

Some Internet users also point out that they have checked prices before and during the 2022 Hot Sale and find increases, instead of discounts.

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