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Djokovic resurrects in time against Musetti to enter the Roland Garros quarterfinals

With the scare in the body, but Novak Djokovic is already in the quarterfinals of Roland Garros . The Serbian tennis player was against the ropes thanks to the talent and self-confidence of the very young Lorenzo Musetti, but ended up turning the game around (6-7, 6-7, 6-1, 6-0, 4-0 ret.) After losing the first two sets. The 19-year-old Italian paid for the effort and retired in the fifth round, with the match already seen for sentencing.

Djokovic reached the round of 16 at Roland Garros with the tranquility that three clear victories grant in previous matches. Sandgren, Cuevas and Berankis could not even cough up the Serbian tennis player, but Musetti was going to change things based on his innate quality and a game strategy that drove Nole out of his mind.

Possessing an unrealistic streak in tie breaks, Musetti made good his status as king in sudden deaths to beat Djokovic in the first set, in which he was behind on the scoreboard in a disadvantage that he managed to neutralize in time. The 7-6 left Nole decomposed and with the first set in his debit throughout the tournament.

In the second, Musetti continued to backhand Djokovic, this time in tow. Lorenzo went ahead in the set, but Nole immediately matched to postpone the decision, again, to the tie break . Dislocated, with an attitude that left many doubts, the Serbian threw everything he had built and left the set at the mercy of his rival, who was amazed to see himself 2-0 against one of the best in history.

Champion reaction and retreat

Djokovic, however, was neither injured nor out of the game, or at least not definitely. With a burst of courage worthy of a number one, the Balkan pulled off an almost perfect set, closed at 6-1, to add the first on his private account in the match. It was the most complicated, but the first step had already been taken in a forceful way, as the canons send in a comeback.

The fourth was nothing more than a continuation of the previous one, with the difference that Novak did not give up a set to his rival this time, already diminished by physical problems derived from the more than two hours in which the first two rounds were played. . A donut almost sentenced Musetti , who in the fifth, without being able to sign up any game, gave up after the fourth game of the match.

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