FunDo nails reflect health?

Do nails reflect health?

Starting from the fingernails and toes of the patient, the doctor is able to foreshadow the presence of certain disorders . Here are some examples:
– The habit of biting nails can indicate chronic anxiety and tension.
– Pale nails reflect anemia. When it is severe, the nails are brittle, their shape is altered, becoming smooth or concave, at the same time that they develop longitudinal striae.
– Very thick and deformed nails can be the result of a mycosis, that is, a fungal infection. Psoriasis, vitamin deficiencies and arteriosclerosis also alter the shape of the nails.
– Bluish nails signify a deficiency of oxygen in the blood, which could be due to heart failure or a chronic lung disorder. The bluish tone also appears after exposure to a poison.
– Watch glass nails, so called because they acquire an enormous convex curvature, reveal the presence of a chronic infection, a lung tumor or a lung disease.
– Nails with lines and white speckles are the result of arsenic poisoning.
– The small white specks on the nails are nothing but harmless air bubbles

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