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Do you have any at home? 5 multi-contact marks could cause a fire

They connect from household appliances to the cell phone charger, these are the multicontacts , a tool that can be helpful when you have several electronic devices and a single plug. However, you have to be observant when purchasing them, because if their quality is poor they can cause accidents.

In this sense, the Federal Consumer Protection Office ( Profeco ) evaluated several multi-contact bars available on the market and some of them may represent a danger in homes. We tell you which ones did not pass the tests.

Multi-contact bars that could cause a fire

In some cases, the cable has fewer copper wires than it needs to carry the maximum declared current. This may cause a short circuit or fire. The following brands exceeded the maximum temperature in the heating test.

  • OSMI, 76 cm
  • OSMI, 75 cm
  • Sanelec, 50 cm
  • Home Supplies Top Power (modelo DR-1512)
  • Home Suppliies Top Power (modelo HHS-XM3G)

In case of fire the flame does not go out quickly

If the insulation fails and a flame arises, a fire can occur. In the following extensions the flame did not go out in the following 30 seconds:

  • Steren (model 905-003B)
  • Sanelec
  • Fulgore

Purchase Recommendations

Profeco recommends the following for a smart purchase:

  • Buy them in the formal market: Those that are sold informally are dangerous and are not certified for commercialization.
  • Compare prices: They vary according to their use (indoors or outdoors), their length and their electrical current capacity and remember to choose according to your needs.
  • Ask for the guarantee: It will be necessary if you need to make a claim.

Recommendations for use

If you have already purchased a multi-contact bar, take into account the following for its use:

  • Never overload its capacity.
  • Read the label.
  • Put the contact bar in a safe place.
  • Be careful when cleaning them.
  • Consider heavy duty extensions.
  • Do not remove the “spike” (It is the ground connection and prevents against currents that could damage installations or devices that you have connected).
  • Always disconnect the pole or extension by the plug and not by pulling on the cable to avoid damaging the internal connection between the cable and the plug.

Where to throw extensions or multicontacts?

Do not throw these products away, there are places where waste electrical material is purchased and they are sent to suitable sites for distribution. Take them to collection fairs organized by some educational institutions or local environmental authorities. You can check this information on the portals of these institutions.

In Mexico City consult the page:

In the interior of the country , visit the page of the nearest state institution in charge of caring for the environment for information.

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