FunDo you like beer ?: these are the best...

Do you like beer ?: these are the best according to the OCU

For yet another year, the Organization of Consumers and Users has drawn up the list of the best lager-type beers that we can find in Spain. Beer is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world and there are many different types on the market today.

For the study, the OCU has taken into account several factors such as the manufacturing process, labeling or processing, in addition to taking into account factors such as the quality-price double.

The beers are made with hops, water and cereals, according to the brewing experts, those with more hops, with more bitter taste are the highest quality on the market. According to the study, all the beers analyzed offer the information required by law that they must show the consumer to know what product they are buying, such as the preservation, the degree of alcohol or the manufacturer.

However, according to OCU, very few provide the ingredients with which they are made that, despite not being mandatory, it would be good for the consumer to know these ingredients.

High graduation

Within high-strength beers, factors such as flavor, color, strength, aroma or factors such as fermentation, body, bitterness or malt flavor stand out for experts.

Among those that achieve the highest five-star rating we find Mahou 5 Estrellas, Keler and Estrella Galicia.

With four stars, as many stand out as Mahou Clásica, Amstel Original, Amstel Clásica and Cordon Gard.

Duel Mahou and Amstel

According to the OCU study, two beers are at the top of the ranking: Mahou Clásica and Amstel Original. Due to their great value for money, both finished the study with a maximum score of 74 points out of 100, something that no other beer can achieve.

In addition, in high-alcohol beers, Mahou also stands out among the best with its 5 Stars above the Steinburg Special.

For experts, the ‘master’ purchase is taken by Cordon Gard for sale in Eroski.

The ten best beers

After Mahou Clásica and Amstel Original as the best rated among lager beers, they are followed by Amstel Clásica, Mahou 5 Estrellas and Estrella Galicia closing the top 5 of the OCU study.

To close the top 10, we find the Donostia brand Keler as the sixth best valued beer according to the OCU. In seventh place we find Cruzcampo Gran Reserva, eighth place Steinburg Especial and Estrella Damm in ninth place.

The top ten of this study closes the craft beer Ambar Especial.

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