LivingDodot's emotional ad paying tribute to hospitalized premature babies

Dodot's emotional ad paying tribute to hospitalized premature babies

According to the INE, in Spain around 27,000 premature babies were born in 2020: before 37 weeks of gestation. This figure is higher than the European average and the number of premature births has not stopped growing in recent years.

But what do parents feel when their baby comes into the world early? According to data from a study carried out by Dodot, in collaboration with the Association of Parents of Premature Children (APREM) on the occasion of World Prematurity Day, for 73% of parents of premature babies it is very important to feel understood.

Concha Gómez Esteban, president of Aprem, explains that “the worst thing for parents is the fear and uncertainty that is experienced every day. Psychological support is essential, nobody is prepared for a premature birth.”

To carry out the Dodot Study: Parents of Premature Children in Spain , 150 fathers and mothers aged 18 to 65 from all over Spain were surveyed, 51% fathers and 49% mothers, 91% aged 25-55 years, whose children have born with a gestational age between 24 and 37 weeks.

A tribute to the # PequeñosLuchadores

In the emotional video created for the # PequeñosLuchadores campaign, Dodot wanted to pay tribute to hospitalized premature babies . Their fragility, their smallness and their tenderness, as well as the dedication of the parents accompanying their babies have moved us.

The feelings of parents of premature babies

When asked about the emotions they felt at the birth of their baby, the strong bond (95%) and fear (81%) are the ones that accompany the parents the most during the time of their baby’s hospitalization .

Despite the harsh circumstances, there is also room for optimism, with hope (91%) and gratitude (89%) being the feelings that follow most intensely . On the contrary, loneliness (65%) and sadness (54%) are the feelings that have the least presence in the emotions suffered.

For 73% of the parents it was very important to feel understood . And it is that 93% affirm that what was hardest for them is having to separate from their son because they would like to have been able to take care of him for a longer time (87%). In addition, 83% would have liked to learn more about their child and 61% admit that they would have needed more psychological support.

Care during this crucial time for their development is extremely important. Between them, respect their rest. 71% of parents affirm that the delicacy of the healthcare personnel is key to this, followed by the concentration of routine care at certain times (51%), noise reduction (50%) and a comfortable diaper, with good absorption and adapted to their size (44%).

Dodot donated 380,000 diapers for premature babies

Within the framework of its # PequeñosLuchadores project, the brand has donated 380,000 diapers to 80 hospitals throughout Spain since 2018. They are their smallest diapers, Dodot Sensitive Premature, designed with the Neonatal ICU specialized in premature babies.

And it is that the skin of a premature baby is up to 60% thinner, so it is key to have diapers adapted to their size that minimize interruptions during the time of change and that can also be adapted to lines and cables that save lives , also facilitating the healthy evolution of the baby’s hips and legs.

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